About ABC Nakshatra Astrology

The ABC Nakshatra team is a group of experienced Vedic astrologers from all over India who have been working together to deliver only truth, authentic information about Astrology and much more. Our main aim has been spreading knowledge on real astrological practices so everyone can be saved from misinformation in markets today that continues spreading like wildfire.nn

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Astrology is a science and not pseudoscience. It has been followed by space agencies like NASA, which proves its scientific accuracy. Vedic astrology was developed over 25000 years ago with origins in India where it continues to this day for use around the world u2013 including among Nobel-winning physicists who practice its methods! Astrological signs may be able to change our lives for better or worse; however, there are many ways you can make sure your future will turn out exactly as planned while using Vedic Astrology.



Divyanshu is a Vedic researcher and a technology entrepreneur. He is also known for his knowledge and expertise in the field of Vedic astrology and is known for his translation to Vedic resources in 26 international languages. One day, Divyanshu decided to compose a treatise on astrology, which he titled ABC Nakshatra. In this work, he explained in detail the various aspects of 25,000-year-old Vedic astrology and its applications in the simplest way so even a fifth-grader can understand the concepts of Astronomy and Astrology.

Divyanshu was always interested in astrology and knew a great deal about it. While Divyanshu was scaling up his multiple startups, he began thinking about how he could use his knowledge of astrology to help others. He had always been interested in astrology and believed that it could provide valuable insights into peopleu2019s lives. So, he decided to start

ABCnakshatra.com to make the Divine knowledge of Vedic astrology available to entire humanity in over 26 languages. He along with his team of 100 is dedicated to providing highly researched Authentic Vedic and ancient texts available for free. Divyanshu also gives free consultations to anyone who needed help with their spiritual and personal lives. You can email [email protected] for any questions, feedback, or join as a Vedic researcher at our Vedic university. Today, ABCnakshatra.com is the worldu2019s largest astrology website. It has helped millions of people from over 180 countries to learn more about their lives and make better decisions. ABCnakshatra.com has become a trusted source of astrological information for people all over the world.


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Astrologers have existed since before recorded historyu2013and theyu2019re still going strong today!nn