Sun is the king of planets and considered the most important planet in Vedic astrology. Sun represents your Soul, Father, Authority, Leadership, Fame and Health. In this series we cover the prediction of Sun in every houses (from 1st to 12th house).

This is the most detailed and accurate prediction series of Sun. Each and everything we are able to experience is divided into 12 houses in Vedic astrology. The following series covers the prediction for a person where Sun is placed in one of the 12 houses at the time of birth of the person.

1) The first house covers your personality, physical appearance and overall health.

2) Vitality and general well being are indicated by the second house.

3) The third house is related to courage and efforts.

4) Mother, hometown, Real estate, Happiness from brothers, sisters and short journeys are seen from fourth house.

5) The fifth house indicates romance, children, creativity and speculative investments.

6) Happiness from father and Govt jobs come under sixth house.

7) Seventh house represents marriage, business partnership, foreign travels etc.

8) Eighth house is related to Longevity, eye sight, sudden gains etc.

9) Ninth house signifies luck, dharma(righteous deeds), teacher (guru), grand father etc.

10) Tenth house indicates profession or karmasthana.

11) Eleventh house gives income and gains.

12) Twelfth indicates losses, expenses, foreign travel etc.