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Elizabeth Dole Birth Chart | Horoscope of Elizabeth Dole

Elizabeth Dole has been a pivotal figure in both American politics and philanthropy. She has held several prominent posts, beginning her career as the Deputy Secretary of Transportation in 1983. During her years with the department, Dole served the Reagan administration with distinction before moving to serve in different capacities for other administrations. Her time as Secretary of Labor for President George H.W Bush saw sweeping changes to labor laws and worker protections.

This was followed by an appointment as Secretary of Transportation for President George W. Bush and two consecutive terms in the United States Senate (2003-2009). Since leaving office, she has been actively involved in charitable work and remains an influential political presence on issues such as veterans’ rights and health care reform. Elizabeth Dole’s contributions have helped shape modern America by providing a bridge between conservative principles and progressivism when it comes to social services.

Elizabeth Dole’s Lagna Chart
Elizabeth Dole’s Moon Chart

Horoscope Analysis


Elizabeth Dole is Taurus Ascendant. With the configuration of Taurus Ascendant and Leo Navamsa rising in the first Pad of Mrigasira, this birth chart indicates that her path to success will begin around age 28. Symbolizing security, stability and an element of luxury, Taurus offers a strong drive to acquire and enjoy material possessions. As such, she will be someone who carefully formulates plans and methodically executes them. Even though it might take time for her to get there, once she launches into action, she may spring into fast progress reaching unheard heights. Determination is key for achieving the aim and desired result in this horoscope and with Capricorn ruling May’s dreskana she’ll stay focused on results.

Placement of Planet Sun in Birth Chart of Elizabeth Dole

With Sun in Cancer sign in the third house, Her relationship with younger siblings will be filled with mutual affection and care. Moon being the Lord of this sign, makes her fun loving and adventurous. She has a sharp temper but is not one to hold grudges or bear lasting ill feeling. A great memory for both personal relations as well as historical events suggests that she is an intellectual individual and one who may be drawn to literature and other works of artistry.

Her handwriting is fluctuating owing to the changeable nature of this sign, indicating potential interest in creative writing or even journalism. This can further be supported by the fact that she may perform heroic acts due to her courageousness and courage to take risks; while Sun’s living in the third house, grants her renown through publication of works. All these points come together beautifully, showing how a combination of influential planets leads to a radiant personality like Hers – which may range from scholarly pursuits to daring escapades!

Placement of Planet Mars in Birth Chart of Elizabeth Dole

With Mars in the Gemini sign making her extravagant, she may not have a regular and sufficient inflow of money throughout her life. This could lead to an encounter with financial problems and even the loss of ancestral property or fortune. Despite any financial turmoil that she may endure, however, one can be sure that she will remain kind-hearted, pious and pure all her life. The last phase of her life might not be very smooth as per astrological predictions, but whatever challenge she may face it is certain that she shall do so while remaining gentle and loving towards her near ones.

Placement of Planet Jupiter in Birth Chart of Elizabeth Dole

Jupiter in Scorpio in the seventh house, a lot of things may not pan out as planned and wealth may remain unsettled. But, once luck presents itself as an opportunity, an aura of comfort is sure to suffuse her lifestyle. She and her spouse can use the newfound capital to work toward success. By forming strategic partnerships with business acquaintances and becoming influencers, the duo will gain fame and affluence. Hence, one should focus on connecting with their spiritual destiny since fortune favors those who are on the right path.

Placement of Planet Venus in Birth Chart of Elizabeth Dole

Venus in Cancer in the 3rd house has the ability to use their creativity to spread joy and pleasantries. They can use music, powers of persuasion, and artistry to delight people around them. This individual will tend to be artistically inclined in general and can truly thrive when expressing themselves through creative activities. Courage is also a strong quality, one which they often reveal when faced with challenge or difficulty. Even if they don’t feel confident at first, they won’t shy away from hard tasks – instead, showing great grit and determination. Such an individual should remain focused on embracing their artistic abilities and developing courage in order to reach greater heights of success.

Astrological Debts in Birth Chart of Elizabeth Dole

  • The horoscope of Elizabeth Dole shows that she is free from her mother’s debt, self debt & debt to relatives.
  • According to her horoscope, she has debts to female.
  • If the Sun, Moon, or Rahu are in the 7th house of the horoscope, the native will have debts to females.
  • Indications include spoiling livelihoods, killing animals or females, causing hatred within families, and legal possession of things through cheating.
  • Events foretold include mild benefits for progeny, holes in skin, secret organ diseases, cremation during somebody’s marriage ceremony (possibly one’s own), and second marriages.

Nakshatraphal of Elizabeth Dole

Born in the fourth charan of the Anuradha Constellation, it is said that this child is a Scorpio with their sign lord Mars presiding over her fate. She also belongs to Mrig Yoni, Deva Gana, Vipra Varna and Sarpa Varga along with having Madhya Nadi as her native astrological path. It is expected that her name will start with INay! as per custom of the charan she was born under; Neha, Naina etc being examples of such names given to other individuals in the same position.

This child’s destiny has given her an inherent ability of being laborious and hardworking which will no doubt help her find success in almost all her endeavors. This trait might also see her traversing vast distances on several occasions due to work-related matters. Simultaneously, she is supposed to be a person who can lavishly express love to cousins, siblings and all whom she holds dear. Performing acts of charity for those around and aiding them when required would bring immense joy and satisfaction for this woman.

2023 Year Prediction for Elizabeth Dole

  • At the beginning of the year, business will progress due to the combined aspect of Jupiter and Saturn on the Seventh House. Brothers will cooperate fully in business matters.
  • Gains can be expected from partnership businesses. Those in service may get promoted.
  • After April 22, however, things may not be as favorable and decisions should not be made hastily during this time period.
  • The beginning of the year would be auspicious from an economic perspective. Jupiter in the Eleventh House would be a source of incessant income.
  • After April 22, Jupiter and Saturn shall have a combined aspectual effect on the Fourth House; hence you would incur expenditure on the purchase of land, buildings, vehicles, etc. Auspicious ceremonies would be solemnized in the family and you might spend money on these ceremonies.
  • After November 22, Rahu in the Eleventh House would be a cause of gains all of a sudden.
  • The year begins auspiciously from a health standpoint.
  • Every task should be accomplished constructively.
  • Jupiter transits the Twelfth House after April 22, which could lead to some minor health problems. Digestive problems may occur due to Jupiter and Rahu being in fiery signs.