Personalised Kundali Vishleshan Bundle (Pack of 9 Reports)


Our Kundali Vishleshan Combo Report (of 300 pages) helps us to slow down and take a closer look at the details of your birth. It is a pack of 9 Vedic reports including:-

  1. Lal Kitabh interpretations and remedies (past-life karma).
  2. Vedic astrology interpretations (as per ancient textbooks).
  3. KP Calculations (helpful if you are learning KP astrology for predicting timing of events).
  4. Gemstone and Rudraksha recommendations as per current Dasha.
  5. Check which Auspicious Yogas available in your birth chart (raja yoga, dhan yoga, mahapurush yoga and more).
  6. Interpretation of Mahadasha and Antar dasha (get 100% accurate predictions of your time).
  7. Calculations of Transits (gochar) for 20 years (detailed prediction for 2022-2042).
  8. Health, finance, career, spiritual, travel and foreign settlement predictions.
  9. Nakshatra Phal Interpretation (know what Vedas has mentioned about your Moon nakshatra).
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Find fulfilling career opportunities, relationships, money management, parenting tips, and more with the help of Astrology.

  • Astrology is a science that has been used for centuries to help people make decisions about their lives.
  • Our team of experts uses Vedic astrology to provide you with the most accurate readings and advice.
  • You can use our readings and advice to find career fulfilment, relationships, money management tips, and more.
  • Our readings are based on your individual horoscope and are tailored specifically for you.

You just need to enter your birth details to get your horoscope.

  • No. Of Pages: 300-350 (Depending on your Horoscope)
  • Delivery Time: Within 24-48 Hours (Every Report is verified by our Vedic Astrologers)
  • Payment Methods: Paypal, Credit Card, Debit Card, UPI, Net Banking, etc.
  • If you order this Vedic report, then you need not order any of the other Vedic reports available on this website (except Auspicious Muhurat Report and Marriage Matchmaking Report)

Our report will give you information about your birth chart that other astrologers cannot share in a short personal consultation.

  • Get to know about your true potential and how to tap into it.
  • Know about your areas of strength and weakness.
  • Learn about the challenges you will face in life and how to overcome them.

Our report can predict your Dasha predictions 100% accurately.

  • Get your personalised horoscope based on Vedas, Upanishads, and ancient astrology textbooks for accurate predictions.
  • Understand your personality type and the best way for you to live life.
  • Leave no stone unturned in your search for guidance.

Our Vedic astrology team researched ancient classics to translate them into your language.

  • Vedic Astrology can also describe the kind of friends you will have in your life, the type of life partner you will have, the nature of your mother & father, and how your relations will be like with your In-laws.
  • The predictions are described in a straightforward manner.
  • You’ll understand every aspect of astrology that is relevant to a person’s life.

Get a detailed outlook of your marriage partner.

  • Get a detailed description of your marriage partner.
  • Know what their nature will be like, their career, and their education.
  • Predict whether you will have a happy and prosperous married life or not.
  • Get remedy for marriage & relationship with our report.