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Tiger Woods Birth Chart | Horoscope of American Golfer Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods is an American professional golfer who is considered one of the greatest golfers of all time. Woods has won a record-tying 82 PGA Tour events and ranks second in men’s major championships with 15 wins. He has also set numerous golf records, including the most PGA Tour wins in a season and the lowest scoring average in a season.

In addition to his success on the course, Woods is also one of the most famous athletes in modern history. He has been featured on the cover of TIME magazine and has been named one of the 100 most influential people in the world by Time. He was inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame in 2018.

Tiger Wood’s Lagna Chart. He is a Virgo Ascendant
Tiger Wood’s Moon Chart.

Horoscope Analysis


At the time of Tiger Woods’ birth, the configuration was a rising Virgo Ascendant (Lagna) with Capricorn Navamsa and Virgo Dreskana in the second Pad of Uttara Phalguni. This establishes that he will enjoy robust health and live up to a ripe old age. But he is not one to accept that health is wealth. So he must not be disheartened if he experiences many ups and downs but appreciates the fact that it is all in the game.

Tall, with a slender build, and curved eyebrows showing up on his face, he tends to be rather proud and arrogant, finding fault with others all the time. Since he is very intelligent, he expects the same standard from others too.

Placement of Planet Sun in Birth Chart of Mr. Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods was born with the sun in the fourth sign of the zodiac, indicating good health, longevity, and prosperity for his father. His father has helped him in building up his career. He has always respected and obeyed his father and served him sincerely.

They will get along well but on rare occasions, they will have disputes and differences. However, the tension will not last long. Tiger Woods is a lucky person who has acquired sizeable assets and commanded public respect during his long life. He may not be fortunate enough to enjoy a happy homely life because of such placement of the sun in his horoscope.

Placement of Planet Moon in Birth Chart of Mr. Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods has succeeded in life with hard work. Moon in Scorpio in the 3rd house indicates that his family is cooperative, faithful, and generous to him. For the sake of family harmony and peace, he will forgive the mistakes of his brothers or cousins.

At the time of his birth, the moon was in the third bhava which indicates that his health will be robust. His mother will shower affection and love on him and will help and support him in every possible way. He has a very strong constitution and will be able to withstand the rigors of life.

Placement of Planet Mercury in the Birth Chart of Mr. Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods has Mercury in the fifth house in the Capricorn sign which indicates that he favors comfort and support from children. His children will lead a prosperous life.

He has practical knowledge which is very necessary for everyone to lead a comfortable and smooth life. He knows the art of impressing others to win their favor. In his early life, he faced some problems but after middle age, he earned much more respect, higher rank, and authority in society. Due to this placement of mercury, he is intelligent and sensible which gives him a strong foundation on which he has built his life.

Placement of Planet Mars in the Birth Chart of Mr. Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods has Mars in the 9th house, was born in a Thai Buddhist family, is not a blind follower of religion, and meditates as a daily routine, but he cannot always regulate it in his lifetime.

The placement of Mars in his horoscope made him go deeper into meditation and religion, suggesting that Tiger Woods is a determined individual who is always looking for new challenges. He is also said to be very generous and always willing to help others. However, his temper can sometimes get the best of him, and he can be quite impulsive.

Astrological Debts in Birth Chart of Tiger Woods

  • The Horoscope of Tiger Woods shows that he is free from all kinds of self debts.
  • As Ketu is not present in the 4th House of Horoscope, this indicates that Mr. Tiger Woods is free from all kinds of Mother Debts.
  • Tiger Woods’s chart is not free from Debts to Girl Child, Sister due to the presence of the Moon in 3rd or 6th House in Astrology.
  • Debts of Father, Debts to Relatives, and Godly Debts can be seen in the Birth Chart of Tiger Woods.

Nakshatraphal of Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods was born in the fourth charan of the Jyestha constellation. His birth sign is Scorpio and his sign lord is mars. This Nakshatra has made him a famous personality.
He is flourished with wealth, luxuries, and prosperity due to the work he has done for his field. He has amazing leadership qualities and will be a good orator as well. People admire him for his qualities. He will be blessed with children. He will be religious and spiritually inclined. Tiger Woods’s horoscope shows that he is a great personality who is flourished in the field he tries his hands on.

2023 Year Prediction for Tiger Woods

  • On April 22, 2023, Jupiter would enter Aries Sign Ninth House.
  • On January 17.Saturn in Aquarius Sign the Seventh House
  • On November 22 Rahu in Pisces Sign Eighth House.
  • On January 13, Retrograde Mars would turn direct and transit with its normal motion throughout the year.
  • Venus would remain to combust from August 04 to August 18.
  • For Tiger Woods this year would be highly auspicious and fruitful from work and professional perspective.
  • At the beginning of the year, additional work could be undertaken but after April 22, he would surely achieve greater success in his field. Saturn in its own sign in Seventh House would shower significant gains upon him.
  • He might also start a new venture in partnership with someone.

Present Dasha Analysis of Tiger Woods’s Horoscope

According to Tiger Woods horoscope, the Mahadasha of Mars is starting on 13/06/2020 and ending on 14/06/2027. This is a 7-year period that will increase wealth and luxuries, comforts, happiness, and good health.

During this dasha he is set to grow his fame, high status, and professional advancement. He might have some secret enemies as they may try to harm him during this time. Overall, this is a very positive period for Tiger Woods and he can expect to achieve many more great things during this Dasha of mars.