Isikupärastatud horoskoop ennustustega 20 aastaks (2022-2042)


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Leidke astroloogia abiga täidetavad karjäärivõimalused, suhted, rahahaldus, lapsevanemate näpunäited ja palju muud.

  • Astroloogia on teadus, mida on sajandeid kasutatud, et aidata inimestel oma elu kohta otsuseid langetada.
  • Meie ekspertide meeskond kasutab vedade astroloogiat, et pakkuda teile kõige täpsemaid lugemisi ja nõuandeid.
  • Võite kasutada meie lugemisi ja nõuandeid, et leida karjääri täitmine, suhted, rahahaldusnõuanded ja palju muud.
  • Meie näidud põhinevad teie individuaalsel horoskoobil ja on spetsiaalselt teie jaoks kohandatud.

Meie aruanne annab teile teavet teie sünnikaardi kohta, mida teised astroloogid ei saa lühikese isikliku konsultatsiooni korral jagada.

  • Tutvuge oma tõelise potentsiaali ja kuidas seda kasutada.
  • Teage oma jõu ja nõrkuse valdkondadest.
  • Siit saate teada väljakutsetest, millega elus silmitsi seisate ja kuidas neist üle saada.

Meie aruanne võib ennustada teie DASHA ennustusi 100% täpselt.

  • Täpsete ennustuste saamiseks hankige oma isikupärastatud horoskoop vedade, upanishadide ja iidsete astroloogiaõpikute põhjal.
  • Mõista oma isiksuse tüüpi ja parimat viisi elu elamiseks.
  • Jäta juhendamise otsimisel ühtegi kivi pööramata.

Meie Vedic astroloogiameeskond uuris iidseid klassikuid, et tõlkida neid teie keelde.

  • Vedic astroloogia võib kirjeldada ka seda tüüpi sõpru, mis teil elus on, seda tüüpi elupartnerit, teie ema olemus & Isa ja kuidas teie suhted on teie seadustega.
  • Prognoose kirjeldatakse sirgjooneliselt.
  • Saate aru igast astroloogia aspektist, mis on inimese elu jaoks asjakohane.

Hankige oma abielupartneri üksikasjalik väljavaade.

  • Hankige oma abielupartneri üksikasjalik kirjeldus.
  • Teage, milline saab olema nende olemus, nende karjäär ja haridus.
  • Ennustage, kas teil on õnnelik ja jõukas abielus või mitte.
  • Hankige abinõu abielu ja suhe meie raportiga.

Horoskoobi saamiseks peate lihtsalt sisestama oma sünni üksikasjad.

  • Lehtede arv: 300-350 (sõltuvalt teie horoskoobist)
  • Tarneaeg: 24-48 tunni jooksul (iga aruannet kontrollivad meie vedalikud astroloogid)
  • Maksemeetodid: PayPal, krediitkaart, deebetkaart, UPI, netopangandus jne.

A combined analysis of Dasha &; Transits can give “pin-point” predictions.

  • Dasha makes us understand what fruits we will get in a specific period, whereas Transit tells us when that fruit will be delivered to us.
  • However, We at ABC Nakshatra will provide you with a complete understanding of the Predictive Results you will get in your Dashas after carefully analyzing the aspects, conjunctions, divisional charts, and other aspects of your birth chart.

Improve all parts of your personality and live a better life.

  • You will get a complete description of your Maha Dasha &; Antar Dasha for your entire lifetime. You can validate these Dasha results with your past events, and you will be surprised to know the authenticity of the Vedic Astrology Science.
  • Also, get a comprehensive 10 Years of Transit (Gochar) Interpretations calculated by our High-End Computers working on NASA Data Feed, which accurately calculates the movement of planets and their specific interpretations on your chart for the next 10 Years along with Graphic Representations of the same.

 Plan your life with 25,000 years old ancient wisdom for your future.

  • Prior knowledge of the significant events and benefic period helps plan life events, making Vedic Astrology a fantastic way to visualize the future, based on 25,000-year Old Ancient Vedic Science.
  • Remedies lower the intensity of negative results and provide relief in the dark moments of life. ABC Nakshatra’s horoscope includes Complete Remedies, Prayers, mantras, charity, healing herbs, and preferred colors.
  • We searched for every possible source of Transit &; Dasha interpretations from Vedas &; Ancient Astrology Classics. You get the best of both worlds: authentic interpretations, yet presented in an easy-to-read format in our Astrology report.

🕉️ Planning 2022 is super-easy with the personalised monthly predictions of your finance, health, relationship & career. Get free astrology remedies & gemstone recommendations included in this report. Our aim is to spread this 25,000-year-old ancient knowledge of Vedic astrology accessible to everyone at affordable prices. We’re trusted by top international astrologers to generate horoscopes for their clients.

Our Premium Horoscope bundle includes the following:-

300 Page Astrology Remedy & 20 Years Prediction Horoscope. It includes everything from Vedic Astrology Life Reports to KP Astrological Readings.

The only astrology report that you’ll need. You’ll be able to answer practical questions like “When my business will get success?” and “Will I inherit any money in the next few years?”

Easily find out the best remedies for you and your loved ones. Relieve stress and anxiety by using Lal Kitab Remedies, also known as the “wonder book of Vedic astrology”.

Get the most out of your life in the Year 2022: Know what the next 12 months will bring with our yearly transit/dasha analysis report and make your life as long and happy as possible.

Vedic astrology made simple. Stop wasting hours on researching predictions with forecasts you can’t understand because we’ve done the hard work for you!

Don’t just go with the flow. Find out what’s going to happen before it happens! Get Dasha’s predictions along with all the information about your nakshatra, Rashi, bhava, Dasha & Dasha lords in detail along with their strengths and weaknesses.

Get your Numerology report included in this report. Know your lucky numbers, lucky colours, auspicious & inauspicious dates & years in your life, phone numbers, and car numbers, which bring you wealth and prosperity.

Get Gemstone recommendations included in this report. Our horoscope report includes a detailed description of how to wear each kind of gem properly, along with mantras or chants that may help enhance its power even further!

Save time by getting your personalized report within 24 hours. The report comes as a PDF file which you can read on any device – computer, tablet or smartphone – at your convenience.

7 days Money-back guarantee. We are so confident in the science of Astrology that – we offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you feel this report has not benefitted you in any way.

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