Nakshatras in Astrology

Ashlesha Nakshatra in Astrology: Features, Padas, and Remedies

According to astrology, people with Ashlesha Nakshatra as their birth sign are strong, analytically inclined, capable of critical thought, detail-oriented, shrewd, and brilliant. The inhabitants have an excellent memory, excel at writing and research, are unyielding and unyielding in their perceptions, have a mystical and spiritual side, and have an interest in astrology and occult rituals. They are strong-willed, ambitious, eager to do anything to gain power, independent, good workers, disciplined, task-focused, and natural entrepreneurs. One of the Adhomukhi Nakshatras in astrology is the Ashlesha Nakshatra (or the Nakshatras which have their mouths downwards). Tanks, wells, temples, mining, digging, etc. can all be started and completed in these Nakshatras with good fortune.

Sign: A Coil

Coil is the representation of Ashlesha Nakshatra. This shows where the foetus is located. Because the foetus was straight, Pushya’s sign is an arrow. The location of the foetus at the eighth week can be related to a coil.

The Sarpa or Serpent God is a deity

Ashlesha’s patron god is Sarpa, also known as the serpent God, and its emblem is a coiling serpent. Serpent God takes on various guises. Ananth is the initial form.

Range93⁰ 20” – 106⁰ 40”
RashiCancer (Karka)
YogatharaAsellus Australis or Delta Cancri
PositionMiddle of Pushya
Apparent magnitude3.94
Latitude0⁰ 4” 37’’
Longitude104⁰ 51” 54’
Right ascension8h 44m 24s
Declination18⁰ 10” 23

Characteristics of Ashlesha Nakshatra in Astrology

  • the male cat that is the Ashlesha Nakshatra’s yoni animal.
  • In general, a male cat or cats are rather moody. If you punish a cat by forking or slapping them, they would suddenly turn against you and flee. They won’t come to you when you call them, and they don’t just want to be cuddled when you feel like it.
  • On the other hand, a dog is totally the opposite. However, cats only show affection and love when they feel like it.
  • Cats come in two varieties: outdoor cats and indoor cats.
  • Locals of Ashlesha are either forced to be homebodies since their owners don’t want them to wander off and get lost, or they are incredibly independent and want to explore everything.
  • In some way, Ashlesha locals will be silenced by their mother.
  • The eye of a cat is among its most well-known characteristics. They have the most mesmerising eyes that have the power to fascinate or frighten you.
  • Natives of Ashlesha have the most gorgeous eyes.
  • Since the eyes are the sole organs that allow us to see through light, when the ascendant, Moon, Sun, or Jupiter are in this Nakshatra, the native will have large, expressive eyes.
  • When we consider Ashlesha’s emblem, we see a snake coiling around a sword.
  • Water is Ashlesha Nakshatra’s element.
  • The Ashlesha Nakshatra is in the sign of Cancer, which is the traditional fourth house of land and real estate. It also denotes turning inward and is associated with the water element.
  • One of the most enigmatic Nakshatras after Uttara Bhadrapada is Ashlesha.
  • No matter if they are bankers, actors, detectives, or occultists, Ashlesha inhabitants are natural psychics and have intuitive abilities because of the water element.
  • They simply instinctively sense who is on their side and who is opposed to them. Cancer’s water element is linked to the environment because it develops on land (Earth).
  • Without a stable base and a foundation of land, water cannot take shape.
  • Natives of Ashlesha are passionate about protecting the environment and environmental causes.
  • One of the most prized riches in free cosmic space is the Kundalini, which belongs to the water (liquid) element.
  • The process of the kundalini climbing up the spine and into the pituitary (pineal) gland involves the accumulation of energy fluid.
  • Natives of Ashlesha are among the most well-known individuals to experience a spiritual awakening.
  • A person receives Ashlesha Nakshatra based on their merit from previous lives, where a little effort can go a long way.
  • Since Ashlesha Nakshatra rules Cancer from the middle to the end, a Cancer native’s emotions may find a single interior focus, which lets in a flood of spiritual understanding.
  • The history of the divine beings known as Nagas is where the tale of Ashlesha is found.
  • They live deep below on Earth and on another planetary system with 18 moons somewhere in the galaxy. They are half-human, half-serpent.
  • Truth must be felt in the heart; it need not be seen.
  • They are extremely spiritual, mystic, and masters of the occult. Their DNA evolution started with them and was passed down to every Ashlesha native; it is hidden inside them like a ticking time bomb.
  • The majority of those who practise yoga may be familiar with Patanjali yoga. If you ever see a representation of Patanjali, he is a saint who is half human and half serpent who provided the way to escaping this prison called Earth.
  • The Himalayan yogis are well aware that Earth is a prison without walls built to trap you inside.
  • Giving a prisoner the impression that they are free will prevent them from feeling confined, which is the best approach to deter them from attempting an escape.
  • You might think of Patanjali as the character from “The Shawshank Redemption,” which illustrates how one can escape this jail with perseverance and a strong work ethic.
  • Ashlesha locals would be the first to discover the exit if they focused their energies within to seek the truth.
  • In conclusion, Ashlesha inhabitants are skilled at mental gymnastics and deconstructing others without coming off poorly.
  • The sages Kashyapa and Kadru gave birth to the deity of Ashlesha, the Nagas.
  • One lovely evening, Kadru made a bet with Vinata’s family, the mother of Garuda and Aruna (charioteers of Vishnu and Sun God, respectively).
  • By covering the Sun’s track with black paint, the mother of the Nagas’ sons won the wager and turned Vinata and her sons into slaves.
  • Through Garuda and Aruna, the Nagas begged the elixir of immortality from Indra and stated that they would be freed if Indra could grant their wish.
  • Indra consented to give them the elixir when they explained their dilemma to him, but only under one condition.
  • After receiving the elixir, Kadru and the Nagas were released from their pledge, but Indra soon arrived and took the pot away. A single drop of the fluid fell on the ground, and the Nagas swiftly reached down to taste it. However, as they did so, a sharp blade of grass sliced through their tongue, giving them their distinctive forked tongue.
  • Since then, they have descended into a region beneath the Earth’s surface known as Naga-Loka, which is incredibly beautiful and seductive with many gems and decorations and contains the spiritual vibration of this planet.
  • They enjoy being among such diamonds because it enables them to comprehend consciousness at its utmost level.
  • Given this history of the Nagas, which makes up a very small portion of their whole life, it is clear that Ashlesha inhabitants will always face the stepmother’s anger in the form of a master-slave relationship when they are under her rule.
  • Natives of Ashlesha will also be very drawn to anything that can assist the body heal and remove toxicity, such as medicines, essential oils, and chemicals.
  • Nagas have been searching for redemption to return to their original selves since since they evolved into snakes and acquired the venom.
  • Natives of Ashlesha will always interact with chemicals in some capacity. Even as a hobby, it might not be professionally related.
  • Nagas changed from being divine creatures to snakes.
  • Locals of Ashlesha are experts at disguise and are constantly changing their appearance.
  • The spilled liquid from the elixir pot also signifies that during the planet’s (mahadasha) cycle, which is located in this Nakshatra, one would always have dripping faucets at home.
  • The Ashlesha people always challenge themselves with others but end up losing in the end if they are not careful, much as the Nagas and their mother who waggled a wager for no apparent reason to bring them into trouble.
  • Like the inhabitants of these two Nakshatras, Ashlesha residents are passionate about diamonds and only wear the most exquisite, genuine gems.
  • Additionally, their residences are the most stunning and seductive locations.
  • It resembles a museum more than a house.
  • Ashlesha may join underworld don and mafias since Nagas live underground, or in what some have referred to as the “underworld,” while Rahu, Ketu, or Saturn are in their unfavourable positions.
  • Whether they are leading a spiritual, religious, or criminal organisation, they like having that role.
  • The only characteristic of snake Nakshatras, such as Rohini and Mrigashira, that we have observed is their propensity to elope with a variety of people, not for marriage but rather for sexual enjoyment.
  • Although Ashlesha is well renowned for this, they typically focus their fantasies on a single lover.
  • The native will have bisexual experiences and enjoy three- or four-person sexual activity while Mars, Moon, and Mercury are in Ashlesha.
  • Numerous lesbian and bisexual people were born when Mars was in Libra and Ashlesha.
  • Since snakes curl up when they sleep or even when mating, this characteristic also becomes a key characteristic of Ashlesha.
  • They enjoy giving each other tight hugs while they are in a romantic relationship because snakes have one of the strongest grips on their prey. However, do not confuse this Naga with the other two snake Nakshatras.
  • The first two Nakshatras deal with the effects of Naga’s metamorphosis, whilst Ashlesha focuses on who they were before their transformation.
  • As a result, it is difficult to observe or understand Ashlesha inhabitants.
  • Although they are the victims of their surroundings for having such personalities, they are believed to be dishonest, sleazy, and manipulative people.
  • An Ashlesha native would typically grow up to be pretty normal if they are not victimised as children.
  • Span between 16’40” and 30’00” degrees Cancer (Karka) (Karka).
  • Ashlesha Nakshatra’s Lord is the Moon (Chandra).
  • It is Ketu’s natal star.
  • A snake coil serves as Ashlesha Nakshatra’s emblem.
  • A snake’s natural tendencies are to camouflage, encircle and entwine, creep on the breast, hug, and delight or come together covertly.
  • These qualities apply to Ashlesha as well. You should interpret Ashlesha in light of the serpent’s cunning, deceitfulness, scorching sensation of poison, pain, and all the negative effects that poison entails.
  • It contains both the serpent’s good and bad traits.
  • Chandra in Ashlesha is sicker and has many defects that are very severe.
  • The native who has either his karmapathi or bhagyapathi in this star runs the risk of having all of his major life endeavours hindered, jeopardised, or ruined by various dangers and obstacles.
  • If the Lagna is in this star, the native may have a cunning nature. Such indigenous people would want to labour in secrecy, and their words would be poisonous.

In a Vedic astrology treatise, Ashlesha Nakshatra is described.

  • According to Hora Sara, a local with Aslesha as their governing nakshatra would be crafty, vicious (or have malevolent inclinations), fickle-minded, eloquent, mean, and endowed with intellect. They will also have a lot of money and numerous sources of income.
  • Jataka Parijata states that a person who is born under the star Aslesha, or when the Moon is in that asterism, would be foolish, treacherous, ungrateful in his words, possessive, and perverted.
  • The native born in Aslesha will be cunning, cruel, fond of other people’s wives, devious, straight in form (i.e., they won’t have crooked bodies), addicted to vices, and self-restrained, says Sage Narada.
  • The asterism Aslesha, according to the Brihat Samhita, causes one to be dishonest, prone to overeating, immoral, ungrateful, and deceptive.

Description of the Ashlesha Nakshatra Pada

First Pada of Ashlesha Nakshatra:

  • Sagittarius is the sign that rules Ashlesha Nakshatra’s first pada (Governed by Jupiter).
  • Ashlesha Nakshatra’s first pada is home to learned and honourable people. They are educated and adhere to religious debates’ rules. They are articulate and intelligent.
  • Births in the first pada of the Ashlesha nakshatra are characterised by a strong work ethic, effort-driven focus on big concepts, constant learning, ability to amass huge wealth, emotionality, caring, charitable giving, and a devotion to education.
  • First-pada Ashlesha Nakshatra natives are drawn to the legal system, philosophy, religion, and higher values. They create hospitals, churches, and schools and provide money to colleges and other educational institutions in an effort to spread their liberal viewpoints.
  • First-pada Ashlesha Nakshatra natives are dominating, have a wide perspective, are forward-thinking, and are constantly working on new business endeavours.

Second Pada of Ashlesha Nakshatra:

  • Capricorn is the sign that rules the 2nd Pada of Ashlesha Nakshatra (Governed by Saturn).
  • The second pada of the Ashlesha Nakshatra is home to people who are impulsive, interested in doing stupid jobs, smart, fierce, and who pursue other men’s women.
  • People with second-pada Ashlesha Nakshatra birth signs are egotistical, passionate, and ready to leave others behind in order to advance.
  • People with second-pada Ashlesha Nakshatra birth signs are very ambitious, crafty, and smart. They also have ambitions for prestige, crave power, want to be in charge, and are government-oriented.
  • People born under the second pada of the Ashlesha nakshatra are motivated by a desire to support and advance in government.

Third Pada of Ashlesha Nakshatra:

  • Aquarius is the sign that rules the 3rd Pada of Ashlesha Nakshatra (Governed by Saturn).
  • The third pada of Ashlesha Nakshatra is associated with talkative people who are lazy, sedentary, interested in stupid tasks, stingy, and thieves.
  • Third-pada Ashlesha Nakshatra natives are ambitious, direct, honest, charitable, cooperative, and have emotions that are focused on betterment.
  • People with third pada Ashlesha Nakshatra births are motivated to improve society by helping the least fortunate get to the top.
  • People with third-pada Ashlesha Nakshatra births could get windy illnesses.

Fourth Pada of Ashlesha Nakshatra:

  • Pisces rules the 4th Pada of Ashlesha Nakshatra (Governed by Jupiter).
  • The fourth pada of Ashlesha Nakshatra is associated with those who are learned, well-informed, gentle, respected, and loved by all. They also have no adversaries, are great victims, and are adored by women.
  • Births occurring in the fourth pada of the Ashlesha nakshatra are characterised by compassion, empathy, strong emotion, self-giving, emotional ambition, and the imaginative application of feelings.
  • People born under the fourth pada of the Ashlesha Nakshatra have a passion for music, are talented writers by nature, can emotionally connect with others via art, can convey a sense of life through art, and are hospitable and good hosts.
  • The fourth pada of Ashlesha Nakshatra is associated with involvement in real estate and home care, vulnerability to victimisation, mental illness, financial difficulties, and moral dilemmas.

Sun’s Ingress of Ashlesha Nakshatra (August 2–August 15)

  • Sun arrives in Ashlesha on August 2 and stays until August 15.
  • Your Sun is in Ashlesha Nakshatra if you were born during this time.
  • On this day, the Sun and Moon are often in Ashlesha Nakshatra. In this place, the flame of light is a symbol of the future generation and is revered for their well-being.
  • Considering that the pregnancy is verified at this time, it is also revered for the wellbeing of the unborn child inside the womb.

Nagakesara: Ashlesha Tree

  • Nagakesara is the Ashlesha Nakshatra’s tree.
  • A well-known Ayurvedic plant called nagakesara is used to cure migraines, nausea, vomiting, and fever.
  • Additionally, Shuddha Tantra employs it. To increase earnings, it is customarily retained in the Treasury.

The uses of Nagakesara

  • Hemorrhoids and piles are treated with nagakesara mixed with ghee.
  • After childbirth or an abortion, the uterus is cleansed with nagakesara.
  • Burn burns and ulcers are treated with nagakesara oil.
  • For radiant skin, mix Nagakesara stamens with red sandalwood paste.

Information on Ashlesha Nakshatra’s astronomy

  • Regarding Ashlesha Nakshatra’s Yogathara, astrologers have differing opinions. It is referred to by some as Hadrae and by others as Alpha Cancri.
  • Most people only base their belief on Alpha Cancri’s identity on its apparent magnitude because other variables A star of fourth magnitude is Alpha Cancri.
  • It is situated at the crab’s left claw and is also known as Acubens. It can be occulted by the moon but rarely by other planets due to its proximity to the ecliptic.
  • It is a white star and is thought to be hotter than usual.

Astrological Ashlesha Nakshatra Compatibility

Ashlesha Nakshatra Rashi Compatibility for the Bride or the Groom

Virgo, Leo, and Aries

Factors Compatibility of Ashlesha Nakshatra

  • Nadi: Last or aanthya.
  • Rakshasa or demon is gana (nature).
  • Marjara or the cat is the representation of Yoni.
  • The clothing could be harmed if they are worn by Ashlesha Nakshathra.
  • First menstrual cycle effects on Ashlesha Nakshathra include being relaxed back, flirtatious, impatient, and angry. She may also be short with her kids.
  • A son was born as a result of Ashlesha Nakshathra’s shraddha.
  • The following are useful pursuits on Ashlesha: marketing, well or borewell digging, attacking the enemy, producing weaponry, learning to ride animals and vehicles, and diplomacy.
  • Start learning a new subject, have a threading ceremony, do an anugraha, or perform a deeksha are all good samskaras to perform on Ashlesha.

Ashlesha Nakshatra remedies

  • Use of essential oils is the greatest treatment for Ashlesha locals.
  • They frequently experience the most notable positive effects of these oils when they use them.
  • Ashlesha residents’ happiness is the key to their prosperity.
  • Success is 6,000 miles away if one is sluggish and miserable, but when one is inspired and driven, success is right in front of them.
  • The greatest blessing will be seeing a snake, but avoid going snake hunting and instead visit a trained snake handler. Most often, snakes may be found in Indian temples dedicated to Shiva, Kali, and Ganesha.
  • Natives of Ashlesha should wear genuine, real diamonds or stones because Nagaloka is awash in real gems.
  • Natural jewels contain an unidentified energy that offers something to the Naga race.
  • Although everyone is aware that stones have connections to the planets, this treatment is not one of those. Simply put, there is a connection between Nagas and natural diamonds.
FeedMeat or eggs of a bird
VrathamNaga Panchami Vratham, Sarpa
Vedic SookthamSarpa Sooktham

Ashlesha Nakshatra’s characteristics

  • Ashlesha is a Tikshna Nakshatra, which means it is best employed for annihilation, conquering, and covert operations away from public view.
  • Additionally, this is a favourable Nakshatra for beginning a Shiva pooja or Naga pooja, acquiring a cat or kitten, or researching the environment.
  • When someone is detoxing, this Nakshatra is excellent for removing toxins from the body.

Ashlesha Nakshatra’s caste

  • As an outcaste Nakshatra, it indicates that Ashlesha residents would always choose the most unusual and unorthodox path to pursue their objectives in life.
  • Given that this Nakshatra is among the most mysterious, it is not surprising that the average billionaire has used mystical and occult methods to amass their money.
  • They may consult a paid astrologer or a tarot card reader to determine which stock firm to purchase or invest in.
  • The majority of people won’t be able to comprehend their strange lifestyle choices.
  • If you ever visit a resident of Ashlesha’s home, take note of the unique items they have used to decorate.

Ashlesha Nakshatra’s sound

  • Dee-pada 1, Doo-pada 2, Day-pada 3, and Doh-pada 4 are the numbers. Nakshatra and sound have a very crucial relationship.
  • A brand is a name that is associated with everything we say, do, purchase, wear, and drive.
  • With a precise time of birth, one must examine their horoscope to see where the Cancer sign, or Ashlesha Nakshatra, is located.
  • Using products or names that begin with such sounds would be advantageous for happiness, children, and pleasures if one has a Pisces ascendant and Cancer as their fifth house.

Ashlesha Nakshatra in Vedic Astrology Synopsis

Dasha RulerBudha (Mercury)
SymbolA coiled serpent
DeitySarpa (a divine snake)
RulershipArtificial things, bulbs, roots, fruits, insects, reptiles, poison, robbers, cereals, all classes of physicians.
Work profileWork away from home, leather or sewage-related work.
Moon in AshleshaThe native cheats, eats all kinds of food, does evil deeds, is wily and treacherous.
NatureTikshna (sharp)
PurusharthaDharma or religion

Questions and Answers

What Makes Ashlesha Nakshatra Unique?

As a Tikshna nakshatra, Ashlesha is to be employed for tasks that are hidden from public view, such as conquering and destruction. Additionally, this nakshatra is beneficial for beginning Shiva pooja, Naga pooja, acquiring a cat or kitten, and environmental research.

Ashlesha Nakshatra is in which Rashi?


Who is Ashlesha Nakshatra’s Lord?


Who is Ashlesha Nakshatra’s Deity?


What does Ashlesha Nakshatra’s symbol represent?

Snake in a coil

What is Ashlesha Nakshatra’s Gana?

Rakshasa (Demon) (Demon)

What Qualities Does Ashlesha Nakshatra Possess?

Tikshna (Sharp or Dreadful) (Sharp or Dreadful)

What is the Ashlesha Nakshatra’s Caste?

Mleccha (Outcaste) (Outcaste)

What is the Ashlesha Nakshatra’s animal?

Cat, male

What exactly is the Ashlesha Nakshatra Bird?

Blue Sparrow, Small

What is Ashlesha Nakshatra’s Tree?

Champa Naga

What does Ashlesha Nakshatra’s initial stand for?

Day, Doh, Dee, Doo,