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Ketu In Tenth House In Astrology

The Ketu occupies the 10th house from the lagna and is considered a powerful karaka for success in professional and spiritual matters. When well-placed, it confers good luck, fame, and recognition. It also gives one the ability to achieve great heights in their chosen field. However, when poorly placed, it can lead to numerous obstacles and delays.  

How a Positive Ketu in Tenth House Leads to Career Success? 

When Ketu is positive in the horoscope in the tenth house, it leads to success in the career. The tenth house represents one’s profession, so a positive Ketu in tenth house indicates that the person will attain power, status and wealth through their career. This is because those with a positive Ketu in tenth house are strong individuals with high intelligence and skilled at many crafts. As a result, they are able to self-acquire knowledge and earn a lot of fame throughout their life.

Furthermore, they have a strong influence upon others and even get praised by enemies. Even though their temperament may be negative, the other aspects of their horoscope compensate for this negativity. Therefore, a positive Ketu in tenth house is generally indicative of a successful career. 

  • This placement brings career success 
  • The natives are highly intelligent and skilled in many crafts 
  • They have a strong influence on others 
  • They are praised by their enemies 

Affliction to Ketu in 10th House: Challenges and Solutions 

Affliction to Ketu in 10th house can result in a multitude of challenges for the natives. For example, natives may become more foolish and indulgent, wasting time and energy on pursuits that hold little value. Additionally, they may also become proud and egoistic, losing sight of what truly matters in life. As a result, they may struggle to find mental peace and happiness.

Additionally, they may also face hardships at work and suffer from accidents. However, it is important to remember that such challenges are not insurmountable. With determination and perseverance, it is possible to overcome any obstacle. Additionally, it is important to seek guidance from those who have wisdom and knowledge. By doing so, natives can gain a greater understanding of their situation and find the strength to move forward. 

  • Natives with negative Ketu in 10th house may find great difficulty in their professional lives 
  • They may struggle to find mental peace and happiness 
  • They may face hardships at work and suffer from accidents  
  • They may become more foolish and indulgent 

Ketu in tenth house is a powerful placement for career success. This position confers many benefits, including high intelligence, skill in many crafts, and the ability to attain power and wealth. When afflicted, however, this can lead to foolishness and career setbacks. However, with careful planning and execution, those with Ketu in tenth house can achieve great things.  

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