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Ronit Roy Birth Chart | Horoscope of Ronit Roy

Ronit Roy is an Indian actor, known for his work in television and films. He started his career in the 1980s with supporting roles in Hindi films, before moving on to lead roles in television series such as Aashirwad and Bakshi Banzai. In the 1990s, he gained recognition for his role as Rishabh Malhotra in the popular soap opera Kasautii Zindagii Kay. He has since appeared in numerous television shows and films, including Udaan, Dil Sambhal Jaa Zehar, Jism 2, and 2 States. Ronit Roy is also a successful businessman, owning several businesses in the hospitality and real estate industries. He is married to Actress Neelam Roy and has two daughters. He currently resides in Mumbai, India.

Ronit Roy’s Lagna Chart.
Ronit Roy’s Moon Chart.

Horoscope Analysis


The horoscope of Ronit Roy shows that he was born under the Sagittarius Ascendant, with Cancer Navamsa and Aries Dreskana in the fourth pad of Moola. This configuration promises a very bright future for Ronit, However, Ronit can overcome this by treating his family members with more tenderness and understanding. Additionally, he can develop his existing interest in religion by delving deeper into the philosophical aspect of life. The Sagittarius sign is all about aiming high, and Ronit’s horoscope indicates that he has the potential to reach great heights in whatever he does.

Placement of Planet Sun in Birth Chart of Ronit Roy

According to Ronit Roy’s birth chart, the Sun is placed in the 10th house. This placement indicates that Roy could potentially have a career in leadership or management. Additionally, the Sun’s placement in the 10th house also points to a strong sense of integrity and an aversion to deception. However, it should be noted that the Sun’s placement in the 10th house can also lead to suspicions about others. Additionally, Someone in Roy’s family is more likely to achieve a high level of success or status than him.

Placement of Planet Moon in Birth Chart of Ronit Roy

Ronit Roy’s Moon is placed in the fifth house of his horoscope. This placement indicates that Ronit will be involved in trade involving jewels, and that he will profit from this activity. Additionally, Ronit can expect to have more daughters than sons. He will also enjoy all material comforts in life and may even attain a position as a forest officer. However, Ronit should be prepared for 9 years of travel during his lifetime. Additionally, going abroad will be financially beneficial for him. His children will be well cared for. Finally, Ronit’s interest in religion will make him wealthy. He will not bow down to anyone and will instead work to bring justice to others. He will never hurt anyone, and whoever he supports in a conflict can expect to win.

Placement of Planet Venus in Birth Chart of Ronit Roy

Based on his astrological chart, Ronit Roy’s Venus is positioned in his 12th house of the horoscope. This indicates that he will be interested in studies related to astrology and mysticism. Additionally, he will take good care of his family and be lucky in many respects. According to this placement, his ventures will render the expected results and his spouse will hold the key to his progress. Roy respects females, which will be beneficial for him, and he is always ready to help others. After marriage, he can expect to gain a large sum of money. Lastly, this position of Venus foretells that Ronit Roy’s spouse will bring him full bliss.

Placement of Planet Saturn in Birth Chart of Ronit Roy

According to astrology, the placement of Saturn in a person’s birth chart can have a significant impact on their life and character. In the case of Ronit Roy, Saturn is placed in the 3rd house. This indicates that he is likely to be a healthy and sensible individual who is also quite learned and spendthrift. Additionally, he is likely to have plenty of money and be generous in helping others. However, Ronit should be careful of theft and financial losses, as well as the fact that he may face some hurdles in life. On the positive side, he is courageous and not afraid to take risks. Additionally, he is likely to have a normal relationship with his siblings and enjoy good health overall.

Astrological Debts in Birth Chart of Ronit Roy

  • The horoscope of Riteish Deshmukh shows that he is free from self-debt and his mother’s debt but has debt to father and evil persons.
  • The horoscope of Riteish Deshmukh shows that he has debt to father.
  • According to his horoscope, he has father’s debt as he has Rahu in his 5th house and venus in the 12th house.
  • If the Sun or moon or Mars or two out of these three or all these three are situated in the 10th or 11th house in the horoscope, then the native is having Debts to evil persons.

Nakshatraphal of Ronit Roy

Ronit Roy was born under the Ashvini Nakshatra, in the first charan. This means that his Janma Rashi is Aries and Rasi lord Mars. His Yoni is Asva, Gana Deva, and he belongs to Nadi Adya and Kshatriya Vama. According to traditional naming conventions, his name should start with “Chu” because he was born under the Ashvini Nakshatra. However, he was also born under the Gandmool Nakshatra, which indicates potential trouble for his father. For this reason, it is recommended that his parents or guardians propitiate this nakshatra within twenty days of his birth, or at most six months. To do this, they should recite mantras twenty-eight thousand times and then perform a havan after twenty-eight days when the Gandmool Nakshatra returns.

2023 Year Prediction for Ronit Roy

  • •This year, on April 22 Jupiter will enter the Aries sign in the Fifth House, and on January 17 Saturn will enter Aquarius in the Third House. Rahu will enter Pisces in the Fourth House on November 22.
  • • On January 13 Retrograde Mars will turn direct and move throughout the year. Venus will be combust from August 04 to August 18.
  • • The beginning of the year is auspicious for work and profession with potential gains coming from one’s work domain due to Jupiter’s aspect on the Tenth House. There are also chances of receiving favor and gains from a higher official during this time period.
  • • Wealth and property prospects look good at the beginning of the year with Jupiter posited in the Fourth house indicating ownership of land, buildings, or vehicles possible. However, there could be some expenditure incurred due to health problems with a child being present after April 22 when Jupiter aspects Eleventh House.

Present Dasha Analysis of Ronit Roy’s Horoscope

Ronit Roy’s Dasha Analysis shows that the Mahadasha of Rahu is starting on 04/07/2014 and is ending on 04/07/2032. This is a period of 18 years. Before Rahu, Ronit had the Dasha of Mars for 7 years. During this period, Ronit will have had minor health problems, short journeys, and sudden changes. Additionally, help from coborns will be present. In this Dasha of Rahu, Ronit will have success over rivals and gains through service. There may also be some minor health problems. Health-wise, Ronit could have fairly good health. However, there could be minor health problems during certain Antardasha periods. Seasonal changes could give rise to issues such as rheumatism, infections, skin problems, circulatory problems nervous debility. With a balanced way of life, however, Ronit will enjoy good health overall. Financially speaking, Ronit will have a good financial position during this Dasha period. Professionally, Ronit can expect gains through service and success over rivals. Consequently, the next 18 years look fairly positive for Ronit Roy!

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