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Albert Einstein Birth Chart | Horoscope of Scientist Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein is one of the most famous scientists of all time. He is best known for his theory of relativity, which revolutionized our understanding of the universe. Einstein was born in 1879 in Germany, and he began his scientific career working on problems in the field of magnetism.

In 1905, he published a paper on the photoelectric effect, which laid the foundation for quantum theory. Einstein continued to make groundbreaking discoveries throughout his life, and his work had a profound impact on the development of modern physics. Today, Einstein is widely regarded as one of the greatest scientists of all time.

Albert Einstein’s Lagna Chart. He is Gemini Ascendant and has No planet in his first house
Albert Einstein’s Moon Chart

Horoscope Analysis


The configuration of Gemini Ascendant (Lagna) on the rise in the company of Pisces Navamsa and Libra Dreskana in the fourth Pad of Ardra shows that Albert Einstein, in spite of his myriad traits, will become religious and visit holy places, which should help him to a large extent in his colorful existence.

Like most others, Albert Einstein too has positive and negative qualities, but his faith in the glory of the Almighty will go a long way in making his life purposeful.

With a tall, upright, and slender physique, having a pair of arresting eyes, Albert Einstein will prove a hit with the members of the opposite sex. The temptation will naturally lead him to have sexual affairs, which may prove costly. So he must curb this tendency so that it won’t affect his family life and his health.

Placement of Planet Sun in Birth Chart of Albert Einstein

The placement of the planet Sun in the birth chart of Albert Einstein is quite significant. According to astrological predictions, this placement portends separation from his father at an early age. However, Einstein will display tremendous energy and courage to make a success of his life. He is likely to undertake many journeys which will prove profitable.

The best thing for him to do is to establish links with government officials and leading firms. In the event of any controversy, he should not shy away from initiating lawsuits as they will turn out to be a source of income for him.

Placement of Planet Moon in Birth Chart of Albert Einstein

At the time of his birth, the planet moon was in the sidh sign. This indicates that his mother’s health would be robust. On rare occasions, she would suffer from sickness. There would be no dearth of wealth and comforts in their family.

However, they would have to face some difficulties and tensions due to their maternal relations. His reputation and social status may also be endangered by them. Einstein would worry a lot about his family and money matters due to the placement of Moon in his 6th house.

This mental strain would affect his health adversely and he would suffer from eye trouble, lung and respiratory problems, pulmonary affections, cold, pleurisy, bronchitis, and other illnesses. He would also have problems in the shoulders and arms due to an accident in his youth.

Placement of Planet Venus in Birth Chart of Albert Einstein

As one of the most renowned scientists of all time, Albert Einstein’s birth chart is of great interest to astrologers. One key element is the placement of Venus, which governs love and beauty. In Einstein’s chart, Venus is located in the tenth house, which is associated with reputation and success.

This suggests that Einstein enjoyed all worldly pleasures throughout his life. However, there were also chances of him smudging his reputation by going astray, especially during his youth. From middle age onwards, his progress was rapid and he received support from government officials.

Luck favored him in the last part of his life, which was most enjoyable. Thus, the placement of Venus in Einstein’s birth chart offers insights into his life and personality.

Placement of Planet Mercury in Birth Chart of Albert Einstein

In the birth chart of Albert Einstein, the planet Mercury is placed in the tenth house in the sign of Pisces. This placement indicates that he will be a very successful individual, but there will be some challenges that he will face in his life. One of the main challenges that he will face is with his father. His father may lose his temper often and be very imitating in his behavior.

Another worry for Einstein will be his own mental health. He may go through a rough period where he will start to question his own religious beliefs. However, despite these challenges, Einstein will be a highly successful individual who is respected by many people.

Placement of Planet Mars in Birth Chart of Albert Einstein

The placement of planet Mars in the birth chart of Albert Einstein indicates that he was interested in the occult science. However, this interest in the occult made him disinterested in the occult. He would probably have no success with it, even if he tried his hand at it.

Einstein would gain some property but again he may lose it because of some legal complications. Similarly, he would get dowry at the time of marriage but some of it may get stolen. Although he may be able to get some of it back through insurance, this may still be a drain on his finances.

His chart indicates an accident and, since he is a fast driver, this is quite likely. However, a road accident will prove fatal for him. During the birth of this child, man was in the eighth house which indicates good health for his brother.

Astrological Debts in Birth Chart of Albert Einstein

  • Horoscope of Albert Einstein shows that she is free from all kinds of self debts.
  • As Ketu is not present in 4th House of Horoscope, this indicates that Albert Einstein is free from all kinds of Mother Debts.
  • Albert Einstein’s chart has Debts to Girl Child, Sister due to presence of Moon in 3rd House in Astrology.
  • Albert Einstein’s chart is free from all kinds of Debts to Relatives, Debts to Father, Debts to Female.
  • Debts of Evil Person and Godly Debts can be seen in Birth Chart of Albert Einstein.

Nakshatraphal of Albert Einstein

Nakshatraphal of Albert Einstein indicates that he was born in the second Charan of the Jyestha constellation. His birth sign is Scorpio and his sign lord is Mars. He belongs to Vipra Vama, Mrig Yoni, Adya Nadi, Mrig Varga and Rakshasa Gana. According to the charan of the constellation, his name should start with “Ya” as in Yashpal or Yashwant.

Einstein was born in the Gandmool Constellation and birth in its second charan is bad for his younger brother. So its propitiation should be done during the birth or within six months of this child. For this, mantras for this constellation should be recited for twenty-eight thousand times and after twenty-seven days when this constelation comes back one tenth of the recited mantras should be put in havan. This will minimize the adverse effects of the planets.

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