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Elizabeth Teissier Birth Chart | Horoscope of Scientist and Astrologer Elizabeth Teissier

Elizabeth Teissier is a French astrologer who is best known for her work on the relationship between planetary movements and human affairs. She has written numerous books on the subject, and her predictions have gained a considerable following in France and other countries.

While her work is not taken seriously by most scientists, she has nonetheless been able to use her position to raise awareness of astrology and its potential benefits. In recent years, she has also ventured into the field of online dating, using her knowledge of astrology to help people find compatible partners.

Whether or not her work is ultimately based on fact, Elizabeth Teissier remains one of the most famous astrologers in the world.

Elizabeth Teissiers Lagna Chart. She is Sagittarius Ascendant and has Sun, Mercury and Venus in her first house.
Elizabeth Teissier’s Moon Chart.

Horoscope Analysis


Elizabeth Teissier’s horoscope analysis indicates that she is a gifted individual who is determined to make a success of her life. She is an outspoken advocate of honesty and has a strong belief in the importance of helping those less fortunate than herself.

Elizabeth is also highly ambitious and will go to great lengths to achieve her goals. However, her astrological configuration suggests that she will have to work hard to fulfil her ambitions. Despite this, her natural determination and generosity are likely to lead to her achieving wealth and happiness.

Placement of Planet Sun in Birth Chart of Elizabeth Teissier

Elizabeth Teissier’s birth chart indicates that she will enjoy a long and healthy life. The lord of the ninth house, the Sun, is posted in the trends house, granting her ample vitality and a strong constitution. Jovial and self-confident, Elizabeth will be well-liked by many. She can expect to have bright sons who will uphold the family name with integrity.

A lover of freedom, Elizabeth has a strong desire to lead a comfortable life of luxury. She will likely undertake long journeys during which she will make many fruitful friendships. These experiences will broaden her perspective and may encourage her to study philosophy, politics, and science in greater depth. If she does so, Elizabeth is sure to profit from her renewed education and enrich her life in many ways.

Placement of Planet Moon in Birth Chart of Elizabeth Teissier

According to Elizabeth Teissier’s birth chart, the placement of the planet Moon in Sagittarius indicates that she is not a very bold and courageous person. She is easily dominated by others and lacks self-confidence. Additionally, she is secretive and does not enjoy the cooperation of her co-borns or cousins. Her brothers also tend to lead troubled family lives, which causes her anxiety.

In general, Teissier is uninterested in publications and literature, which internalizes her lack of knowledge. As a result, the planet Moon has a significant impact on Teissier’s personality and overall well-being.

Placement of Planet Venus in Birth Chart of Elizabeth Teissier

As an astrologer, Elizabeth Teissier is well aware of the significance of Venus in a person’s birth chart. For her, Venus is the planet of love and beauty, and its placement can reveal a great deal about a person’s strengths and weaknesses.

In her own birth chart, Venus is stationed in the enemy’s house, which Teissier says indicates that she will have an average lifespan during which she will face some difficulties. However, she also believes that this placement gives her the strength to overcome any challenges that come her way. Thanks to the support of friends and well-wishers, Teissier is confident that she can overcome anything life throws her way.

Placement of Planet Mercury in Birth Chart of Elizabeth Teissier

Elizabeth Teissier was born with the planet Mercury in the first house of her birth chart. This placement is said to confer sound health, longevity and wealth. Additionally, Mercury is said to bring good luck and popularity with members of the opposite sex.

In Teissier’s case, this has certainly proved true; she is a highly successful astrologer who has enjoyed a long and prosperous career. While some may question the accuracy of astrology, there can be no doubt that Mercury has been a positive force in Teissier’s life.

Placement of Planet Mars in Birth Chart of Elizabeth Teissier

Elizabeth Teissier’s birth chart shows Mars in Aquarius in the 3rd house. This placement indicates that Elizabeth may be quick tempered and advised to avoid hasty and rash actions. Elizabeth should also be aware of her potential for quarrelsome behaviour.

However, the Sagittarius Lagna indicates that Elizabeth will generally have good relations with her siblings, despite the potential for tension indicated by Mars. In general, this chart suggests that Elizabeth will be a prosperous individual who enjoys good relationships with others.

Astrological Debts in Birth Chart of Elizabeth Teissier

  • Horoscope of Elizabeth Teissier shows that she is free from all kinds of self debts.
  • As Ketu is not present in 4th House of Horoscope, this indicates that Elizabeth Teissier is free from all kinds of Mother Debts.
  • Elizabeth Teissier’s chart has Debts to Girl Child, Sister due to presence of Moon in 3rd House in Astrology.
  • Elizabeth Teissier’s chart is free from all kinds of Debts to Female, Debts to Evil Persons and Godly Debts.
  • Debts of Relative can be seen in Birth Chart of Elizabeth Teissier.

Nakshatraphal of Elizabeth Teissier

Nakshatraphal of Elizabeth Teissier Elizabeth Teissier was born in the second Charan of Shatbhisha Constellation. Her birth sign is Aquarius and her sign lord is Saturn. She belongs to Adya Nadi. Shoodia Varna, Mesh Vaiga Rakshasa Gana, and Ashva Yoni.

According to the charan of the Constellation her name should start with “Saa” as in Sarita, Saoniya, Sarika, etc. She will have less resistance to cold. She will be full of courage and chivalry which will make her get involved in adventurous ventures. She will get all her work done cleverly People will get impressed by her smartness. All her enemies will be defeated by her.

Elizabeth Teissier’s Nakshatraphal is indicative of a brave and determined individual who is skilled in both mental and physical pursuits. People born under this Nakshatra are often referred to as “warriors” due to their fearless nature, and they are known for their ability to achieve great things through their perseverance and strength of will.

Elizabeth Teissier’s Nakshatraphal is also said to bestow upon her the power of foresight, which combined with her courageousness, makes her a formidable force to be reckoned with. While Elizabeth Teissier’s Nakshatraphal promises much in terms of success and victory, it also warns that she must be careful not to let her ambition get the better of her, as this can lead to recklessness and impulsiveness.

Nevertheless, if Elizabeth Teissier can learn to channel her considerable energy and drive in a positive direction, there is no limit to what she can accomplish.