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Asha Bhosle Birth Chart | Horoscope of Bollywood Singer Asha Bhosle

Asha Bhosle is a playback singer who has recorded over 12,000 songs for film and other media. Bhosle’s career began in 1943 when she started singing for Hindi films. She has since sung for films in various Indian languages, including Bengali, Marathi, Assamese, Gujarati, Kannada, Bhojpuri, Malayalam, Oriya, Punjabi, and Urdu.

In addition to her native Hindi, Bhosle is also fluent in Marathi, Bengali and English. Her vocal range and versatility are legendary, and she has sung songs in a variety of genres, including classical, ghazals, bhajans, qawwali, and folk songs.

Bhosle has also released several solo albums and duets with her daughter, music producer Tracy MLA. She has won numerous awards throughout her career, including eight Filmfare Awards and the Padma Vibhushan ( India’s second-highest civilian award) in 2000. Bhosle’s contribution to Indian music is truly remarkable, and she remains an inspiration to singers all over the world.

Asha Bhosle’s Lagna Chart. She is an Aries Ascendant and has Moon in her first house
Asha Bhosle’s Moon Chart.

Horoscope Analysis


According to the horoscope analysis of Asha Bhosle, she can lead a life of abundant pleasure with hardly any major grief in store. Bhosle has a stout and muscular body, with sharp and piercing eyes. After the age of 25, her really lucky period will start in right earnest. Bhosle is lucky, generous and blessed with long life. She will command the respect of others. However, the horoscope analysis also suggests that she will be given to chain smoking and pursuits of sexual nature which may result in venereal diseases. Bhosle will have to guard against such indulgences.

Placement of Planet Sun in Birth Chart of Asha Bhosle

The placement of the planet sun in Asha Bhosle’s birth chart indicates that she will have love affairs and children, and will find happiness through them. She will achieve higher education and be respected and intelligent. Sometimes she will speak in a domineering way.

During her birth, the sun was in the fifth sign, which shows that her father’s health will be alright. He will sometimes feel physically weak but he will be rich and lucky for her. He will help her in building up her career and also give her financial aid.

Asha Bhosle will respect and obey him. They will be on good terms. Sometimes they will have disputes but the tension will not last long. She will look after his comforts and happiness.

Placement of Planet Moon in Birth Chart of Asha Bhosle

The Moon’s placement in Asha Bhosle’s birth chart is indeed very auspicious. It indicates good health, wealth, and an impressive personality. However, she will also have to bear some pinpricks. As she ages, her eyesight may be slightly affected. Additionally, there are chances of financial loss because of the actions of some of her relatives, especially from those on the maternal side.

Bhosle will also have to compromise her position with her spouse. In her heart of hearts, she wants a predominant role, but she will be forced to be under the powerful influence of her partner. And, she will have to accept the fact that she may have more daughters than sons.

At the time of her birth, the moon was in a lucky sign, so her mother’s health will be alright. She will live a long and comfortable life.

Placement of Planet Venus in Birth Chart of Asha Bhosle

The placement of planet Venus in the birth chart of Asha Bhosle indicates that she will not be financially prosperous despite her best efforts. She is extravagant by nature and this will lead to her accumulating debt over time. In addition, she will not pay enough attention to her health, which could lead to problems such as skin diseases, brain afflictions and inflammatory diseases.

Bhosle will also have many enemies, both at home and outside her family. Her relations will not be supportive and may even try to damage her reputation if they get the chance. Asha Bhosle’s maternal uncles and aunts do not have cordial relations with one another, which could cause further problems for her. Overall, the placement of Venus in her birth chart suggests that she will have a difficult life, marked by financial problems and family disputes.

Placement of Planet Mercury in Birth Chart of Asha Bhosle

.In the birth chart of Asha Bhosle, Mercury is placed in the fifth house in Leo sign. This means that she will have problems and problems with children and learning. It is with great effort that she will get some success in education property. Sons and their welfare would cause her much concern. She is wise and polite in her talk. This position of Mercury also indicates pleasure trips, and some happiness through children.

Placement of Planet Mars in Birth Chart of Asha Bhosle

The placement of planet Mars in the birth chart of Asha Bhosle is an indicator of her destiny. Mars in Libra in the seventh house indicates that she is not destined to enjoy a happy marital life. However, she may succeed in business due to her ability to find a financially sound partner. But she may also squander money on speculation. During the birth of this child, Mars was in the seventh house which indicates that her brothers and sisters will have good health. But sometimes, Mars in this position can also lead to health problems for Asha Bhosle herself.

Astrological Debts in Birth Chart of Asha Bhosle

  • Horoscope of Asha Bhosle shows that she is free from all kinds of self debts.
  • As Ketu is not present in 4th House of Horoscope, this indicates that Asha Bhosle is free from all kinds of Mother Debts.
  • Asha Bhosle’s chart is free from all kinds of Debts to Girl Child, Sister due to unpresence of Moon in 3rd or 6th House in Astrology.
  • Debts of Father, Debts to Relatives, Godly Debts can be seen in Birth Chart of Asha Bhosle.

Nakshatraphal of Asha Bhosle

Asha Bhosle is a popular Indian singer. She was born under the constellation of Bharani, in the second charan. According to Vedic astrology, this means she belongs to the Aries sign and her lord planet is Mars. Asha Bhosle is also said to belong to the Gaja Yoni, Manushya Gana, Madhya Nadi and Kshatriya Vama. Bharani impacts one’s reputation, and as Asha Bhosle was born in its second charan, she is said to be involved in some sort of controversy or to have a bad reputation in society.

However, despite this potential obstacle, Asha Bhosle is also said to be fun-loving and happy-go-lucky by nature. Her hobbies are said to be singing, dancing and sports, and she is typically childlike in her behavior. In addition, it is said that she has a fear of water. All of these characteristics combine to form the interesting persona of Asha Bhosle.

2023 Year Prediction for Asha Bhosle

  • Jupiter enters Aries on April 22, Saturn enters Aquarius on January 17, and Rahu enters Pisces on November 22.
  • Mars turns direct on January 13 and Venus is combust from August 4 to August 18.
  • Jupiter in Twelfth House is not auspicious for professional point of view but things will get better after April 22.
  • Saturn in Eleventh House causes incessant flow of income and there are probabilities of getting land or building along with ancestral properties.
  • The time period after April 22 would be very much auspicious for investments.
  • Be highly careful while performing a journey or driving a vehicle because in the end of the year the transit of Rahu is not auspicious

Present Dasha Analysis of Asha Bhosle’s Horoscope

  • Dasha’s major period is Saturn, which lasts for nineteen years and began on 29/08/2005.
  • During this time, Saturn will act both beneficially and maleficially. It is known as the planet of obstruction & restrictions and can cause delays in the fruits of labour.
  • Health-wise, nothing serious is likely to happen during this period but Saturn may affect the mind negatively.
  • Additions are likely to be made to Dasha’s assets during this time frame and there is a chance that she will incur some losses while attempting such additions.
  • There are chances that Dasha will hold a commanding or authoritative position during this time frame in her profession .

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