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Ardra Nakshatra in Astrology: Features, Padas, and Remedies

According to astrology, the Ardra Nakshatra indicates a person’s intellectual nature, passionate thinking side, sharp mind, search for the reasons behind events in the world, strong speaking abilities, lack of many close friends, confrontations with others, mastery of debates and arguments, ability to easily make enemies, ability to inflict emotional pain on others, and potential for rejection by society. One of the Urdhvamukhi Nakshatras in Vedic Astrology is the Ardra Nakshatra (or the Nakshatras, which have their mouths upwards). Palaces, coronations, boundary walls, and lofty structures can all be started or performed in these Nakshatras with good fortune.

Symbol: A Drop or a Bead

A tear or a drop is this Nakshatra’s omen. This is a sign of seminal fluid, which is what fertilisation is caused by.

Lord Rudhra is a deity

Rudhra is the god of the Ardra Nakshatra. Since Rudh means to cry, Rudhra’s definition is “one who makes tears.” Brahma is the god for Rohini, and Rudhra is the god for Ardra. The three main agents of creation are Brahma, Vishnu, and Rudhra. You might be curious as to why Rudhra followed Brahma rather than Vishnu. This is as a result of the egg’s formation without fertilisation. This indicates that while creation and destruction took place, they were not sustained. Vishnu is a Shravana Nakshatra deity since the baby’s development is finished during this time.

Range66⁰ 40” – 80
RashiGemini (Mithuna)
YogatharaAlhena or Gamma Geminorum
PositionThe brightest star of Ardra
Apparent magnitude1.95
Longitude75⁰15” 7’
Right ascension6h 37m 42s
Declination16⁰23” 57

Astrological characteristics of the Ardra Nakshatra

  • A female dog or wolf is the Ardra Nakshatra’s animal. The most fascinating animal on the planet is a dog.
  • It can be so in love with you that it would sacrifice its life for you, or it might bite and choke someone if they venture outside of its territory.
  • They are emotional, dependent, and pack animals. When you leave for work, they feel abandoned since they always want to be with you.
  • In packs of more than three dogs, usually in residential settings, there is an alpha dog.
  • The elder dog, who may be the parent of the pack, is the only alpha in wolves; one will always take the position.
  • Without a leader, they function as a team.
  • It is very easy to convert these data into nakshatra. Extreme loyalty is required in both love and friendship by people of Ardra.
  • They either become overly emotional or ferocious like wolves to defend their commitment to you since they do not want to feel abandoned by you or someone else.
  • They will go to great lengths to prove their allegiance, even at the cost of their own life, but if you wrong them or someone they care about, they will attack you like a wolf or dog and consume your flesh.
  • They are capricious, like an odd dog. You don’t sure if they’ll approach you amicably or try to bite you.
  • Everyone is hence wary of approaching an Ardra native.
  • Particularly when the influence of malefics is on the planet located in Ardra, Ardra natives will howl and scream like wolves when they are enraged, sad, or frustrated.
  • Like the wolves in the thick forest, these folks are typically quiet and very private.
  • Wolves make superb global hunters. The love of hunting that the people of Ardra have is also represented by their symbol “The Hunter”.
  • They adore eating meat from wild animals like elk, venison, wild boar, alligator, and others. These natives’ ability to hunt also gives them superb night vision.
  • When they like someone, these people go on the prowl and will stop at nothing to obtain their object of desire.
  • Rudra is this Nakshatra’s deity. Shiva is an Aghori, a person who lives in cremation grounds and consumes meat as well as wild fruits and berries from the forest while remaining naked, constantly meditating, dealing with death and loving it.
  • Shiva did all of it, yes. All the things are in Shiva Purana. Shiva is known as Bholenaath (the innocent one), he gives whatever you ask him.
  • He is always in meditation and calm, but if you were to disturb him from his meditation, he will not only destroy you but has the capacity of destroying the entire Universe.
  • Rudra (Shiva) is also one of the first medicine man from the Rig Veda.
  • He is one of the best physicians of all times. He was making medicine himself and healing people under the name Vaidyanatha (Lord of remedies).
  • Rudra is the embodiment of Shiva with armour along with bow & arrow, just like the Hunter of Orion.
  • It’s said that one must worship Rudra in order to attain moksha.
  • Rudra was created by multiple Gods to get to Brahma, who was chasing his daughter for procreation.
  • Gods wanted something so powerful that could take Brahma down, and this is how Rudra was manifested.
  • Ardra natives are exactly like Shiva.
  • They are wild, unorthodox; they can go to the extreme of everything like extreme meditation, love, lust, anger, work, and emotions, just like how Shiva’s anger can destroy the whole Universe.
  • They are usually calm people who are wild in a silly sense.
  • They are very animated and can be boys of boys or girls amongst boys due to the muscle nature of this Nakshatra.
  • A girl usually is a tomboy in youth.
  • Once Shiva is disturbed from his calm mood or backstabbed, then they become Rudra and will destroy whatever is in front of them.
  • They are the ones who can throw everything from their desk when angry.
  • Ardra natives also make great physicians, and are related to pharmaceutical and Ayurveda professions.
  • Career is determined by using the Dharma, Artha, Kama, Moksha technique.
  • The symbolism of Ardra is a teardrop and a skull. The teardrop represents the drop of the storm.
  • A storm will always start out with a few drops on your head, and before you know, you are in a flood of water.
  • The drop is known as a “tear drop”, which is the teardrop of Shiva.
  • In real life, Ardra must face storms of emotions where tears just come out.
  • When they cry, they will cry a storm and usually, it can be over very small things.
  • The cry is not normal; it’s a cry with a howl and scream.
  • Out of all the Nakshatras, Ardra is the most emotional and with deep feelings, but the reason why they have such feelings is because the world is supposed to betray those feelings, so the water inside turns into a fierce storm.
  • It’s in their karma to deal with tears; therefore, they make the best actors in front of a camera.
  • When Ardra native reads a letter, email or text message from past, they can have a river of tears flowing out of them.
  • The symbolism of the skull is the mystical and realistic side of Ardra.
  • A skull is actually one of the best tools for an Aghori in the cremation ground.
  • They use the skull for drinking wine. It may be sacrilegious for us, but we are too dumb to understand the scientist (Aghori) practising this science of nature.
  • There is a logical purpose why an Aghori smears themselves with ashes and drink from skull or eat the flesh of the dead.
  • The skull symbolism shows that Ardra is not afraid of death and is curious about the world of mysticism, occult, tantra, and magic rituals.
  • Skull is also where the hair grows, and Ardra represents the hair of Shiva.
  • The controller of this Nakshatra is Rahu. All three Nakshatras of Rahu, which are Ardra Nakshatra, Swati Nakshatra and Shatabhisha Nakshatra, will have a lot of similar themes to them compared to other Nakshatra being ruled by a single planet.
  • Rahu is like Jupiter. All Rahu ruled Nakshatras love space, science fiction, astrophysics, the astral plane, fantasy and anything to do with the new-age technology.
  • Even though Ardra is a medicine man, but these natives are attracted to future technology.
  • Out of all the Nakshatras of Rahu, Ardra has the capacity to write a great science fiction book.
  • All Ardra natives dive into the fantasy of what is the world, how the world works, and what else is out there in the ether besides this blue planet, Earth.

Attributes of Ardra Nakshatra in Astrology

  • Ardra Nakshatra extends in Gemini (Mithun) from 6’40” to 20’00”.
  • When Surya enters Ardra, the Earth is said to be starting its menstrual course, that is, Ambubachi.
  • Ardra means wet or surcharged with water. Because the Earth is running her menstrual course, teardrops fall one after another.
  • From Rudra comes all suffering, persecutions and oppressions, anger, the ferocity of countenance or hideousness of noise. Rudra is another name of Shiva, the five-faced (Panchanana) (Panchanana).
  • In knowledge, asceticism, renunciation, and enjoyment, he is the supreme consummation of all desires. He is a blue-throated one, the wielder of the tremendous powers, what could not be attempted, far less achieved by other Gods.
  • On one side, he symbolises the perfect placidity and peace; on the other hand, he is the symbol of all that is awful. He holds the enormous serpent on his head and forehead crescent Chandra with his sweet-soft light.
  • At the same time, he is the most calm and the most terrifying. And in all these are to be traced the essential qualities of Ardra.
  • Superficially, on the surface of it, Ardra stands for misery, harshness, cruelty, murder, incarceration, theft, adultery, etc.
  • The root trait is oppression in order to purify. All male kidney issues, related urethral diseases and also uterine diseases of the ladies, come within the authority of Ardra.

Description of Ardra Nakshatra in Vedic Astrology Treatise

  • According to Hora Sara: The native with Ardra as his natal Nakshatra will have a wandering mind, be a clever speaker, and will take others’ money, be self-respected, will have few sons, be long-lived, and will have royal money.
  • According to Jataka Parijata, if the Moon is in Ardra when a person is born, they will be without fortune, erratic, physically strong, and addicted to immoral behaviour.
  • Sage Narada predicts that a native of Ardra born today will be adventurous, skilled in trade, fierce, and ungrateful, as well as engaged in tantric rites.
  • The asterism Ardra, according to the Brihat Samhita, causes one to be perfidious, haughty, irascible, unappreciative, harsh, and wicked.

Description of the Ardra Nakshatra Pada

First Pada of Ardra Nakshatra:

  • Sagittarius rules the first pada of the Ardra nakshatra (Governed by Jupiter).
  • People with the first pada of the Ardra nakshatra are very good-natured and pleasant-looking, experts with noble qualities, warriors, learned, well-known, devout, and helpful.
  • People born under the first pada of the Ardra Nakshatra change the world through social networking, sharing information, and upholding people’s rights to bring morality (their version) to society.
  • First-pada Ardra Nakshatra natives cause destruction through morality, destruction through beliefs, causing commotion with religious ideals, and being dogmatic towards others.
  • First-pada Ardra Nakshatra natives are activists who shape society through their beliefs, publish ideas, and bring about change through their teaching and spiritual teaching.

Second Pada of Ardra Nakshatra:

  • Capricorn rules the second pada of the Ardra nakshatra (Governed by Saturn).
  • People who are born in the second pada of the Ardra nakshatra are untrained, arrogant, excellent speakers, slow, depressed, and devoid of Gods and teachers. They are elegant, fun-loving, and attractive.
  • People born under the second pada of the Ardra nakshatra are well-traveled, intelligent, curious, conceited, and self-righteous. They also use social media to support their ideologies and religious interests.
  • People who were born in the second pada of the Ardra nakshatra are bringing morality—at least in their interpretation of it—to society through information sharing, defending human rights, transforming the globe through social media, destroying morality and beliefs, and causing commotion with religious ideas.
  • Second-pada Ardra Nakshatra natives tend to be dogmatic towards others, are activists, and are reshaping society through beliefs, publishing ideas, and bringing about change through teaching and spiritual teaching.

Third Pada of Ardra Nakshatra

  • 3rd Pada of Ardra Nakshatra is ruled by Aquarius (Governed by Saturn) (Governed by Saturn).
  • The third pada of the Ardra nakshatra is characterised by curiosity, a desire for knowledge accumulation, information addiction, and involvement in new age communications.
  • Scientists, technologists, and engineers are those born under the third pada of the Ardra Nakshatra. They are perfectionists who strive for greatness and have a strong desire to better society.
  • The third pada of the Ardra nakshatra represents people who work in social work to bring about social reforms, provide material or emotional support, are constantly busy, obsessive, want results, and have unrealistic hopes and ambitions.

Fourth Pada of Ardra Nakshatra:

  • Pisces rules the fourth pada of the Ardra nakshatra (Governed by Jupiter).
  • The fourth pada of the Ardra Nakshatra is a great pada, and those born in it are great individuals, intellectual, enjoyers, wealthy, knowledgeable about the Vedas, religious, cheerful, long-lived, blessed with many offspring, adored by friends and relatives, truthful, and loving to their moms.
  • The fourth pada of the Ardra Nakshatra represents those who are ambitious, intense, hardworking, win at any costs, enjoy altering society, always need to stand out amid the crowd, and seek status through change.
  • Those with an Ardra Nakshatra fourth pada birth require recognition for their efforts, inspiration from those in positions of power, and consistency to keep their interest in using their intellect for political agendas and movements.
  • People with fourth pada birth signs are emotionally detached, confused, and self-centered. They use social media to advance politics, changing how politics and government are practised.

Sun’s Ingress for Ardra Nakshatra (June 21–July 4).

  • The Sun arrives in Ardra on June 21 and stays there through July 4. Your Sun is in Ardra Nakshatra if you were born during this time.
  • The Sayana calendar designates June 21 as a Solstice. It is the summer solstice in India. The Sun alters its course on this day until the December solstice.
  • It’s interesting to note that this Nakshatra is owned by Rahu, the Moon’s north node.
  • Rahu moves in the opposite direction from other planets, and these two things are closely related. Similar to the summer solstice, the winter solstice falls under the Moola Nakshatra, which is owned by Ketu.
  • As a result, when the Sun changes direction, Rahu and Ketu begin to fall under both Nakshatras.

Krushna Agaru, Tree of Ardra

  • Krushna Agaru or Aquilaria Agallocha is the tree for Ardra.
  • Bronchitis, asthma, tiredness, bleeding piles, chylous urine, skin diseases, and bedwetting can all be treated with agaru.
  • Vatha and Kapha are balanced.
  • Its bark is used to make incense sticks and has a pleasant aroma.
  • It helps with disorders of the eyes and ears.
  • It helps make teeth and sensory organs stronger.

The uses of Krushna Agaru

  • the hot potency paste in cold weather The surface of the skin that is exposed to cold weather is covered with agaru.
  • The paste can be applied to people who have fever and chills.
  • Osteoarthritis, gout, and rheumatoid arthritis pain can all be effectively treated with the paste application.
  • When applied as ear drops, agaru oil relieves otalgia (ear pain) and supportive otitis (pus in the middle ear).
  • When the paste is put over the eyelids, the pain in the eyes is alleviated.

Information on Ardra Nakshatra’s astronomy

  • Many astronomers believe that Alpha Orionis is Yogathara of Aardhra.
  • Because Alpha Orionis is considerably outside of Aardhra, it is Gamma Geminorum or Alhena.
  • Additionally, the apparent magnitude of both stars is similar, while Gamma Geminorum’s ecliptic latitude is closer to 6.5.

Astrological Ardra Nakshatra Compatibility

Bride born in the Ardra Nakshatra’s compatible signs

Leo, Virgo, Libra, Capricorn, Pisces, Virgo, Taurus, and Leo

Groom with Ardra Nakshatra Sign Compatibility

Leo, Virgo, Libra, Capricorn, and Taurus

Factors that Make Ardra Nakshatra Compatible

  • Nadi: First or Aadhya.
  • Manushya, or the human, is Gana (nature).
  • Dog or Shawna is the representation of Yoni.
  • Illness is the result of wearing new clothing during Ardra Nakshatra.
  • First period on Ardra Nakshatra: Diplomatic and willing to go to any lengths for success.
  • Bravery is the result of practising shraddha during the Ardra Nakshatra.
  • Attacking adversaries and learning to ride animals and vehicles are advantageous activities during the Ardra Nakshatra.
  • On Ardra Nakshatra, it is advisable to begin learning a new subject, introduce letters to a baby, hold a threading ceremony, or perform an Anugraha or Deeksha.

Native American Ardra Nakshatra remedies

  • Keeping a dog as a pet is the cure for this Nakshatra.
  • A dog will always provide stability to the erratic energy that these locals are experiencing.
  • With a creature that is a wild wolf’s descendant, Ardra’s wild side is at rest.
  • The alternative treatment is to worship Shiva by dousing the shivling in milk just inside of a temple.
  • Such locals are required to visit the woods and natural areas once every three to six months because Ardra is an Agohri Nakshatra.
  • They feel more at ease the more time they spend in nature and untamed areas.
  • Although living in the wilderness is difficult, it would be possible to do so in cabins with some minimal security.
FeedFeed water to a bull
DonateBlood, black cow
VrathamPradosh Vratha, Mahashivarathri Pooja
Vedic SookthamRudhra Sooktham, Rudradhyaya Namakam

Native American Caste and the Ardra Nakshatra

  • Since the butcher caste represents Ardra Nakshatra, any tasks assigned to Ardra will be butchered to their preferences.
  • Locals from Ardra cannot be expected to simply follow directions flawlessly.
  • They constantly inject their unique flavour into the work, which is why they frequently experience job termination or job hopping.
  • Giving an Aghori the task of creating a computer from scratch is analogous to this. The desktop’s bottom may have a power button.
  • In the midst of a discussion or argument, such natives are prone to igniting themselves with their words due to the Ardra storm.

Ardra Nakshatra in Vedic Astrology Summary

Dasha RulerRahu
DeityLord Rudhra
RulershipMurderers, animal catchers, liars, adulterers, thieves, rogues, creators of discord, cruel persons, charmers, sorcerers, those well versed in the art of raising goblins.
Work profileHunting and other cruel acts
Moon in ArdraThe native is deceitful and haughty, ungrateful, cruel, mischievous and vicious.
NatureTikshna (sharp)
PurusharthaKama or desire

Questions and Answers

What animal represents the Ardra Nakshatra?

Ardra Nakshatra’s animal is a female dog.

What makes Ardra Nakshatra unique?

Ardra is a Tikshna Nakshatra, which means it should be employed for any operations like conquest, devastation, and covert operations away from public view. This nakshatra is beneficial for beginning Shiva pooja, obtaining a dog or puppy, learning about the weather, and being in touch with nature.

Ardra Nakshatra is in which Rashi?

Aries/Mesh is the zodiac sign related to the Ardra Nakshatra.

Who is the Ardra Nakshatra’s Lord?

In Vedic Astrology, Rahu is the Lord of the Ardra Nakshatra.

Who is Ardra Nakshatra’s Deity?

The Deity of the Ardra Nakshatra is the Lord “Rudra,” the God of destruction.

What does Ardra Nakshatra’s symbol represent?

Teardrop, Diamond, and Skull make up the Ardra Nakshatra’s Symbol.

What is the Ardra Nakshatra’s Gana?

Manushya is the Ardra Nakshatra’s Gana (Human).

What Qualities Does the Ardra Nakshatra Possess?

Tikshna is an attribute of Ardra Nakshatra (Sharp or Dreadful).

What Caste Does Ardra Nakshatra Belong To?


What is the Ardra Nakshatra Bird?


What is the Ardra Nakshatra Tree?

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