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Magha Nakshatra in Astrology: Features, Padas, and Remedies

The literal meaning of Magha is either power, wealth, or gift. Magha therefore denotes a powerful or wealthy person. One of the Adhomukhi Nakshatras is the Magha Nakshatra in astrology (or the Nakshatras, which have their mouths downwards). These Nakshatras are favourable for starting and finishing projects including tanks, wells, temples, mining, digging, etc.

House of symbols

The mansion is the representation of Magha Nakshatra. This is a sign of the baby’s body developing inside the womb. Because the 90-day rice crop may be harvested during this time, it also shows a crop’s growth.

The Pithar, a deity

The deity of the Magha Nakshatra is Pithara, which means forefathers. The forebears’ father is Pithara. Interestingly, the Sun is the owner of Simha and Magha Nakshathra is in the Leo (Simha) Rashi. Sun is another father-related sign.

Range120 – 133⁰ 20”
RashiLeo (Simha)
YogatharaRegulus or Alpha Leonis
Apparent Magnitude1.35
Latitude+0⁰ 27” 53
Longitude125⁰ 58” 21’
Right ascension10h 8m 6.3s
Declination+11⁰ 59” 30’

Astrological characteristics of Magha Nakshatra

  • A male rat is the animal emblem of the Magha Nakshatra.
  • A male rat, the yoni animal of this Nakshatra, represents romantic relationships.
  • Because it symbolises ancestors, Magha Nakshatra is regarded as a regal royal Nakshatra.
  • Without sex and sexual contact, we would not have ancestors. They all arrived through sex, whether it was Yogananda, Swami Vivekananda, or B. Lahiri Mahasaya.
  • This is one of the key explanations for choosing a male rat to symbolise Magha.
  • The most sexually active animals on the planet are male rats. They procreate quickly.
  • A female rat can have sex 500 times in a period of six hours, which is a different tale for Purva Phalguni Nakshatra.
  • Because they have little self-control over their sexual drive and might deplete themselves, male rats can even die while having sex.
  • A Magha native may be a sex addict, a plain man, a yogi, or a rock star according on their horoscope, but they all have the need to procreate ingrained in their DNA.
  • Yogananda was a Magha ascendant, although he lived as a celibate monk.
  • If this Nakshatra were to be comprehended in a more profound way, it would be clear why he has had millions and millions of followers, devotees, and students who are like children to him ever since he set foot on American soil.
  • He had millions of offspring, but it wasn’t via physical contact; it was through the soul’s passage into our minds.
  • Magha residents adore having a big family to come home to, enjoy family get-togethers, fine dining, and a cosy atmosphere.
  • The male rats want to see their offspring prospering in the lion’s cave.
  • Eagles are considered to be the bird of Magha. This bird’s foresight earned it the designation of this Nakshatra.
  • Eagles are able to see their prey from a distance of three miles away, and they can target their prey and take it without ever letting it know they are there.
  • Locals of Magha are very aware of their lives.
  • They have a clear vision for what they want to accomplish and develop into from the beginning.
  • They set goals that are 20 years in the future, not ones that are short-term.
  • Additionally, Magha is associated with ancestral lands and cultivating crops there to feed future generations. Because of this, the majority of Magha dominant people enjoy working in the real estate industry or are adamant about buying their own home.
  • Locals from Magha typically receive their ancestral property in their name or somehow always have to deal with parental property issues, but some may even lose.
  • Magha is a festival that celebrates paying respect to our ancestors, particularly on new or no-moon days each month.
  • By giving food, treats, and prayers in remembrance of our ancestors, we can make it easier for ourselves to find food, clothing, and shelter in the Pitri Loka, where we will ultimately reside with our ancestors after this life.
  • A room with a throne is the representation of Magha.
  • Please use this symbol. The responsibility of carrying out the proper duty that your ancestors want you to carry out in the world falls to you as the next generation to sit on that throne.
  • The majority of Magha natives enjoy sitting in executive chairs with a high back and nice cherry leather, as can be seen.
  • It gives off the impression of being a throne, a kingly throne, where you can carry out your duties.
  • These chairs are occupied by both good and bad people, but since they are natives of Magha, they are always trying to do what is right for the community, their families, and their young ones.
  • Even the mafia boss values his family and kids so much that he would sacrifice his life for them.
  • They want to make certain that they instill good qualities in them, send them to good schools, and arrange for them to marry into good families.
  • Natives of Magha begin to take ownership of their circumstances whenever they sit in a strong chair.

Features of the Astrological Magha Nakshatra

  • From 0 degrees to 13 degrees 20 Leo, spread out.
  • Magha influences a person’s wealth, glory, beauty, strength, prowess, lustre and effulgence, superior qualities, intellectual acuity, nobility, prestige, replenishment, increased wisdom, brilliance, capacity, and willingness to give.
  • Ravi’s brilliance in the Ashwini Nakshatra is incendiary, without a doubt. Every part of it burns.
  • Surya then transforms into a terrible ball of fire. Ravi is, however, as regal and assured as an emperor in Magha. He is willing to offer any blessing or gift if he is content and happy.
  • Naturally, Shani becomes concerned when Ravi is in the sign of Magha. Shani cannot tolerate the grace and dignity of Ravi’s position in Magha because Shani is by nature a cruel person with the nature of a slave.
  • The meanness and cunning of Shani grow as a result, making him “neecha” and anti-meridional in Ashwini.
  • The effects of the 4th and 10th houses are negatively impacted by Shani if he rules the 9th and 10th houses, is positioned in the 4th house, and is linked to Magha.
  • Brightness and light are the result of Magha. Consequently, it is intolerable to the aged and depressed Grahas. The gift of Magha must always be one that is honourable because Magha stands for noble motivations and impulses.
  • The glorious Magha has been mentioned. It is Kalpurusha’s nose anatomically speaking.

The Vedic Astrology Treatise describes the Magha Nakshatra.

  • According to Hora Sara: If Magha is one’s birth Nakshatra, one will be wise, modest, have many people to serve him, enjoy luxuries, respect Gods and his father, and be extremely hardworking.
  • Jataka Parijata states that a person who is born under the star Magha, or when the Moon is in that asterism, will be lustful but committed to virtue, indulgent towards his wife, proud, and wealthy.
  • The Magha native will have a stout build, pronounced cheekbones, and a protruding abdomen, according to Sage Narada. He will be irascible, a skilled orator, very patient, honour Gods and preceptors, and be radiant.
  • According to Brihat Samhita, a person born under the star Magha will be very wealthy, have numerous servants, enjoy pleasures, worship the Gods and the manes, and be very diligent.

Padas of the Magha Nakshatra

Magha Nakshatra’s First Pada:

  • Aries rules the first pada of Magha Nakshatra.
  • The native born in the first pada of the Magha Nakshatra will be ambitious, active, competitive, willful, aggressive, hard-working, pushing limits, doing whatever it takes, masculine, drawn to the military, and be a sports athlete or soldier.
  • Magha Nakshatra’s first pada is characterised by births that are solitary, ear ailments, excessive talking, cruelty, deceit, hatred of others, and a lifelong illness.

Magha Nakshatra’s Second Pada:

  • Taurus rules the second pada of Magha Nakshatra.
  • When young, the native born in the second pada of the Magha Nakshatra is slow to get going, has difficulties, and has an underdeveloped sense of self. They are also balanced in their leadership abilities, have egotistical traits, and know when to be passive and when to be aggressive.
  • The second pada of the Magha Nakshatra is associated with longevity, wealth, procreation, a large family, a well-balanced physical structure, and respect within the family.

Magha Nakshatra’s Third Pada:

  • Gemini governs the third pada of the Magha Nakshatra.
  • Natives of the Magha Nakshatra who are born in the third pada are egotistical in speech, mentally driven, cunning, intelligent, educated, social, good with languages, speakers, and listeners.
  • People born in the third pada of the Magha Nakshatra are wise, knowledgeable, learned, truthful, and blessed with many offspring. Always joyful, attractive, talented in all the arts, and well-known.

Fourth Pada of the Magha Nakshatra

  • Cancer rules the fourth pada of the Magha nakshatra.
  • People from the fourth pada of the Magha Nakshatra are emotional, maternal, nurturing, caring, proud of their loved ones, and devoted to their families. They also have a strong sense of patriotism and a concern for the elderly and the elderly in general.
  • Those born in the fourth pada of Magha Nakshatra support Gods and Brahmins, are capable administrators, wealthy and carry out good works.

Sun’s Ingress (Aug 16th –Aug 29th) for Magha Nakshatra

  • The Sun enters Magha Nakshathra on August 16 and remains there through August 29. When you were born, your Sun was in Magha Nakshatra.
  • During this time, Shree Krishna, a manifestation of Lord Vishnu, was born.
  • Sun and Moon placements for Lord Krishna are Rohini and Magha, respectively. Leo is in the Sun’s own house while the Moon is exalted in Taurus.
  • At twelve o’clock, Lord Krishna was born. This indicates that the Moon was in the ascendant when he was born, in Taurus (Vrishabha) Lagna.

Magha Tree: Vata

  • A tree for the Magha Nakshatra is the Banyan, Nyagrodha, Ficus Benghalensis, or Vata.
  • Pusavan Savskara is practised in this time frame, or the third month.
  • The word “pusavan” denotes a desire for a child. During this, pregnant women are given Savskara banyan leaf extract to inhale.
  • The banyan tree has a powerful healing ability for wounds, skin conditions, eye conditions, diabetes, diarrhoea, and leucorrhoea, or white discharge.
  • If the Banyan, Umbara, and Palasha trees are grown together, there will be a water current.

Utilizations for Vata

  • Anxiety, depression, and fatigue are all conditions treated by vata.
  • In addition to enhancing blood circulation and acting as a nerve tonic, it also treats numbness.
  • It strengthens kids’ immune systems.
  • Sexual disorders respond well to it.
  • Muscle pain is lessened by it.
  • In addition to improving female libido, it helps to raise testosterone levels.

Magha Nakshatra Astrological Data

  • Yogathara of Magha is Regulus or Alpha Leonis, almost all astronomers concur.
  • The most prominent star in Leo is Regulus. Leo is very passionate about it.
  • Four stars in two pairs make up the multiple star system. The Moon frequently occults it because it is 0.47 degrees from the ecliptic.
  • At its equator, it rotates at a speed of 1.1 million km/h.
  • It is a scorching star that is described as being white and blue.
  • Compared to its equator, it is hotter at its poles.

Compatibility of the Magha Nakshatra in Astrology

Bride in Magha Nakshatra’s sign’s compatibility (Rashi)

Virgo, Scorpio, Aquarius, Gemini, Cancer

Groom’s Magha Nakshatra Rashi compatibility

Scorpio, Virgo, Capricorn, and Gemini

Factors that Ashwini Nakshatra is compatible with

  • Nadi: The last or anthya.
  • Rakshasa or demon, says Gana (Nature).
  • Mooshak or a mouse is the symbol for Yoni.
  • Illness follows wearing new clothing on the Magha Nakshatra.
  • First period on Magha Nakshatra results in: Liked by others, romantic, respected, enjoys being at father’s house, troubled by illnesses.
  • Getting family assistance after performing Shraddha during the Magha Nakshatra.
  • Digging a well or a borewell, sowing seeds, and ploughing are all advantageous activities for Magha Nakshatra.
  • Marriage is a good savskara or ceremony for Magha Nakshatra.

Remedies of Magha Nakshatra

  • Pitri Tarpan on Amavasya or the new Moon day is among the best treatments for Magha.
  • This is the day that the energy of Pitris, or our ancestors, is at its peak and ready to bless us.
  • In order to perform the ritual, a Hindu priest must feed birds with vegetarian food, but anyone can perform the ritual by making some food and having a priest, rabbi, imam, or monk bless it.
  • The other remedy for Magha is to sit on a high back chair like an executive chair, which makes you feel like the CEO of a company or the President.
  • Sitting on such chairs will remind you of your duty into this world and to be the one to take the torch of your ancestors and move it forward.
  • For natives of Magha, having a brass eagle in the southwest and northwest of the home is also extremely advantageous, particularly during the planet’s Magha dasha.
DonateJaggery and salt
VrathamShradha, Avidhava Navami, Sarvapithri Amavasya, Bharani Shraddha, Tharpan
Vedic SookthamPithru Sooktham

The Magha Nakshatra’s quality

  • Magha is a known ugra nakshatra, making it ideal for funerals, conflict, devastation, learning about death, looking for ghosts and the paranormal, anything to spook someone, tantric fire rituals, and funeral homes or resting places for the dead.
  • When there is no moon on this day, it is very important to perform Pitri pooja, which honours one’s ancestors.

Magha Nakshatra’s caste

  • This Nakshatra belongs to the caste of the “worker,” which is another word for a workaholic.
  • No matter the gender, locals of Magha are the men.
  • They want to be in command and make sure that their internal desires and ideas are translated into actual labour.
  • Natives of Magha often feel the desire to complete unfinished business from their past or to uphold the family name by achieving the greatest level of achievement, whether it be material or spiritual.
  • They master the art of effective hustle.

Magha Nakshatra sound

  • Sound has a crucial role in the Nakshatras Maa- pada 1, Mee- pada 2, Moo- pada 3, and May- pada 4.
  • A brand is a name that is associated with everything we say, do, purchase, wear, and drive.
  • One must check their birth chart with an accurate time of birth to see where the sign of Leo, or the Magha Nakshatra, is located.
  • When employing such brands or names that start with such sounds would be advantageous for travel, communication, sales, marketing, self-efforts, and performing arts if someone is a Gemini ascendant, their third house would be Leo.

Magha Nakshatra in Vedic Astrology Summary

Dasha RulerKetu
SymbolA royal throne room
DeityThe Pitras (one’s family ancestors)
RulershipPeople rich in gold (money), and corn, granaries, mountaineers, those who are devoted to parents or the manes, traders, heroes, carnivorous beings and women-haters.
Moon in MaghaThe native will have many servants and wealth, enjoys the senses, is devoted to the devas and ancestors and is very enthusiastic.
NatureUgra (fierce)
PurusharthArtha or finance

Questions and Answers

What Makes Magha Nakshatra Unique?

Magha is regarded as an ugra nakshatra, making it ideal for funeral rites, war, destruction, learning about death, looking for ghosts and the paranormal, anything to frighten someone, tantric fire rituals, and funeral homes or places where the dead are interred.

Magha Nakshatra is in which Rashi?


Who is the Magha Nakshatra’s Lord?


The Deity of the Magha Nakshatra is who?

Pitris (Ancestors) (Ancestors)

What does Magha Nakshatra’s symbol represent?

Palanquin, throne of royalty

What is the Magha Nakshatra’s Gana?

Rakshasa (Demon)

What Qualities Does the Magha Nakshatra Possess?

Ugra (Fierce) (Fierce)

What is the Magha Nakshatra’s Caste?

Shudra (Worker) (Worker)

What is the Magha Nakshatra Animal?

Rat, male

What is the Magha Nakshatra Bird?

Eagle male

What is the Magha Nakshatra Tree?

Tree of Banyan

What are the Magha Nakshatra’s initials?

May, Maa, Mee, Moo