Nakshatras in Astrology

Pushya Nakshatra in Astrology: Features, Padas, and Remedies

According to astrology, people with Pushya Nakshatra birth signs are independent-minded, moral, ethical, selfless, considerate, and courteous. They also enjoy social interactions, are very respectful of other people, and enjoy making them feel at ease and heard. One of the Urdhvamukhi Nakshatras in Vedic Astrology is Pushya Nakshatra (or the Nakshatras which have their mouths upwards). These Nakshatras are favourable for beginning and carrying out projects related to palaces, coronations, boundary walls, and the building of tall structures.

Arrow, as a symbol

An arrow serves as Pushya’s emblem. This resembles an embryo quite a bit, if you compare the two.

The Brihaspathi is a deity

The advice of the Gods is Brihaspati. He is the eloquent God. He is referred to as the one who drove away the darkness and a sage born from the first great light. He carries a unique bow with Rhutha as the string. Truth is referred to as Rhutha, and the universal principle as Sathya. Though Rhutha speaks of truthfulness, universal laws are also universal truths. Fire, or agni, is another way to recognise Brihaspati. Thara is his wife.

Brihaspati is the deity of Pushya Nakshatra.

93⁰ 20” – 106⁰ 40”
RashiCancer (Karka)
YogatharaAsellus Australis or Delta Cancri
PositionMiddle of Pushya
Apparent magnitude3.94
Latitude0⁰ 4” 37’’
Longitude104⁰ 51” 54’
Right ascension8h 44m 24s
Declination18⁰ 10” 23

Pushya Nakshatra characteristics in astrology

  • Goats are the Pushya Nakshatra’s animal.
  • Everyone misidentifies the animal as a cow, although Pushya’s symbolism is actually the cow udder, not the animal itself.
  • Goat research can reveal a lot about a Pushya native. Goats have extraordinary vision; they can see about 280 degrees around them.
  • They have a wider view of the world than we have, which is just about 90o in angle and only 30o in focus.
  • Natives of Pushya have a very broad perspective on life and don’t feel the need to attach to or concentrate on a single thing; instead, they desire to learn about everything.
  • Since goats’ digestive systems are significantly stronger and capable of breaking down food without requiring excessive chewing, this indicates that Pushya natives swallow their meal more frequently than they chew it.
  • Another way to think about this is that Pushya locals usually bring objects from their history to demonstrate what they went through at that time.
  • When a friend harms them and then apologises, the native will bring up the hurt, which is similar to bringing old food to the tongue.
  • There are videos of goats fainting online; this is merely a genetic disease that makes it difficult for the animals to regulate their muscles.
  • Natives of Pushya are renowned for having vibrating muscles, sparkling in their fingers, and occasionally being unable to regulate their hand movements as if they were developing cerebral palsy. This normally happens when you become panicked.
  • Because Pushya is a nourishing Nakshatra and is in the sign of Cancer, goats are fiercely protective of themselves and their offspring.
  • Saturn is located in the middle of all water signs since Pushya is in the centre of Cancer.
  • It reveals a lot about Saturn’s personality, which is that of a provider, an emotional fighter, or the one who exemplifies real food, prosperity, and comfort.
  • It offers us the solace of our homes, of death, and of a better world.
  • The Pushya narrative is really fascinating.
  • The god of Pushya Nakshatra, Brihaspati (Jupiter), is the Guru of the Gods and was constantly engaged in performing yagnas, rites, and imparting the Vedas.
  • Along with teaching economics, politics, and law.
  • Except for Shukracharya, Brihaspati was the most intelligent pupil (planet Venus).
  • As they grew older, Venus became the teacher of the asuras (demons), the new age labourers, while Brihaspati became too preoccupied with his teachings and duties at the palace.
  • Brihaspati disregarded his household and Tara, his wife. She consequently ran away with Chandra (Moon), got pregnant, and gave birth to their son Budha (Mercury).
  • Venus sided with Chandra because Jupiter disregarded the most significant dharma and karma for his wife. Jupiter declared war on Chandra and started attacking him with an army of devas.
  • After a violent conflict in which Venus supported Chandra, Jupiter realised his error, adopted Mercury as his stepson, and relinquished Tara.
  • Cancer spread from 3’20” to 16’40” (Karka). Pushya’s etymological definition of nourishment is to preserve, protect, refill, multiply, and strengthen. This star encompasses everything of the highest calibre.
  • Following from that is the enjoyment of wealth and prosperity. The source of all knowledge and wisdom, Guru is referred to as the great teacher of all creation, from amoebae to the Gods.
  • He has no trouble understanding the creation’s mystery. He is the leader of all religious rituals, the intelligent minister, and the eloquent preceptor.
  • All acts of devotional adoration are enjoyable to him. Because of this, the Pusya is made up of these virtues.
  • It has been characterised as thriving and flowering. The mouth of Orien is there.

Pushya Nakshatra’s description in a Vedic astrology treatise

  • Hora Sara predicts that a native of the Pushya Nakshatra will be extremely irritable, intellectual, bold, outspoken, knowledgeable in many fields, helpful to his family, affluent, and independent.
  • Jataka Parijata states that a person would love Gods and Brahmins, be wealthy and intelligent, enjoy the favour of the king, and have a big circle of relatives if the Moon is in Pushya when they are born.
  • Sage Narada predicts that those born in Pushya will be successful, well-known, daring, kind-hearted, content with little, and quick on their feet.
  • The native born under the star Pusya will have a calm mind, charming features, wealth, and a strong attachment to good acts, according to the Brihat Samhita.

Definition of Pushya Nakshatra Pada

First Pada of Pushya Nakshatra:

  • Leo rules the first pada of Pushya Nakshatra (Governed by Sun).
  • First-pada Pushya Nakshatra natives are ruthless, brave, well-known, hard-working, and blessed with offspring. They relocate abroad and acquire fortune. They are respected by their family.
  • The natives are dynamic, theatrical, attention-seekers, who seek out authority and want to be recognised for their contributions to society.
  • Pushya Nakshatra’s first pada is associated with maturity, dependability, professionalism, motherly or paternal traits.
  • Pushya Nakshatra’s first pada is associated with nurturing, opulence, and the development of powerful parents, bosses, and other authoritative figures.

Second Pada of Pushya Nakshatra:

  • Virgo rules the Pushya Nakshatra’s second pada (Governed by Mercury).
  • People with second-pada Pushya Nakshatra birth signs tend to be knowledgeable, astrologers, warriors, sad, and interested in snatching other people’s possessions.
  • It is possible for people born under the second pada of Pushya Nakshatra to pursue careers as carers, dietitians, nurses, doctors, and other healthcare professionals. They are also bright, emotional, yet practical, hardworking, goal-oriented, punctual, and dependant.
  • People born under the second pada of Pushya in the Pushya Nakshatra have an emotional attachment to assisting others, are compelled to look out for others, and carry out their moral obligation to do so.
  • People with birthplaces in Pushya Nakshatra’s second pada are perfectionists who are dedicated to doing the best job possible. They also take meticulous care of others, offer timely assistance, feel personally underappreciated, and may be prone to emotional worry, wasting time on anxieties, and losing out as a result of worry.

Third Pada of Pushya Nakshatra:

  • Libra rules the Pushya Nakshatra’s third pada (Governed by Venus).
  • People with lovely faces, sweet voices, a love of life, money, an interest in smells and flowers, and who are limited to their own bride are those born under the third pada of Pushya Nakshatra.
  • The third pada of Pushya Nakshatra is associated with creativity, emotions, the need to express oneself, experiences connected to creations, acting naturally, and emotional expression.
  • People with birthplaces in the third pada of Pushya Nakshatra are diplomatic, business-minded, and partner-oriented. They also have a balanced outlook on life.
  • People who were born in the third pada of the Pushya Nakshatra value teamwork and altruistic endeavours, which include working, cooking, creating visually beautiful meals, cooking to satisfy feelings, helping others feel at ease, and taking part in family dinners.

Fourth Pada of Pushya Nakshatra:

  • Scorpio rules the Pushya Nakshatra’s fourth pada (Governed by Mars).
  • People born under this Nakshatra’s fourth pada are thieving others of their money. They are professors in the documenting science and combatants with disfigured faces. They speak openly and are materially poor. They are obstinate and despised by everyone.
  • People with fourth pada Pushya Nakshatra birth signs are passionate, emotional, instinctive with their emotions, reactive, easily irritated, go to lengths to help, passionately and emotionally involved in assisting, and are psychological specialists.
  • As detectives, therapists, psychologists, researchers, investigators, people born in the fourth pada of this Nakshatra work hard to understand others and pick up on their patterns. They also use emotions as weapons, are emotional manipulators, kill over emotions, and defend and protect emotional attachment.
  • People who were born under the fourth pada of the Pushya Nakshatra have a link to the afterlife, desire to use tarot to communicate with the dead, and use the afterlife for protection or retribution.

Sun’s Ingress for Pushya Nakshatra (July 19–August 1)

  • On July 19th, the Sun enters the Pushya Nakshatra, where it stays until August 1st.
  • One’s Sun is in Pushya Nakshathra if they were born during this time.
  • Ashwattha is a tree for Pushya, hence during this time Ashwattha is revered. Tulsi and Ashwattha are honoured throughout the entire Chathurmasa.

Pushya Tree: Ashwattha

  • Ashwattha, Peepal, or Piper Longum are the appropriate trees for Pushya Nakshatra.
  • The Bodhi tree is another name for the peepal tree. The most sacred tree, so the saying goes.
  • It is regarded as heaven. On Saturdays, it is said that Vishnu and Lakshmi live on this tree.
  • Two devils, Ashworth and Peepal, existed. They were murdering innocent individuals. Both were murdered by Shanidhev or Saturn. Ashwattha is therefore worshipped on Saturdays. It’s interesting that Saturn owns Pushya.
  • Ashwattha is renowned for its curative, absorbing, memory-improving, and skin-improving qualities.
  • The tree is also helpful for treating infections, diabetes, epilepsy, infertility, menstrual abnormalities, stomatitis, chronic ulcers, and menstrual irregularities.

The uses of Ashwattha

  • The plant’s fruit, root, or bark contain milky latex that aids in conception.
  • Diabetes and disorders of the vaginal tract are treated using a decoction of the tree’s bark.
  • The uterine muscles are strengthened and the foetus is retained to term by the bark decoction.
  • The bark’s decoction can be gargled to cure gingivitis and mouth ulcers.
  • When combined with honey, dried fruit powder or bark paste is excellent for treating severe coughs.

Information about Pushya Nakshatra’s astronomy

  • Astronomers almost universally concur that Asellus Australis or Delta Cancri is the Yogathara of Pushya Nakshatra.
  • A double star is called Delta Cancri. It is a cool star that is yellow-orange in colour.
  • It designates the location of the well-known beehive group. Additionally, it designates the meteor shower’s radiant for the Delta Cancrid.

Pushya Nakshatra Astrology Compatibility

Pushya Nakshatra bride’s compatibility with her sign (Rashi)

Taurus, Scorpio, and Aries

Compatible Pushya Nakshatra Groom’s Sign (Rashi)

Scorpio, Pisces, Taurus, and Aries

Factors that Make Pushya Nakshatra Compatible

  • Nadi: Middle or from Madhya.
  • Nature: Deity or God.
  • Yoni, the ram or Mesha (an animal emblem).
  • Gains in monitoring occur when wearing new clothing during Pushya Nakshatra.
  • First period on this Nakshatra results in: Liked by her spouse, has a son, appreciates pleasures, is knowledgeable in her career, and is receptive.
  • As a result of the Pushya Nakshatra shraddha: Optimum health
  • Pushya Nakshatra is good for selling, learning, wearing new clothes and jewellery, performing on stage, creating art and crafts, washing priceless clothing for the first time, planting crops, marketing, beginning to learn dance, beginning a new job, making financial investments, ploughing, sowing seeds, and moving into a new home.
  • The following rites or auspicious samskara fall under the category of Pushya Nakshatra: threading ceremony, Anugraha or Deeksha, piercing, naming, first solid feeding to the newborn, haircut, shave, first shave of a baby, start learning a new subject.

The Pushya Nakshatra cures

  • Contributing funds to the feeding and preservation of cows is one of the finest treatments for Pushya. Their life will change as a result of just one little action.
  • Their quality of life is improved by having a lotus flower or statue of one in their home facing north.
  • The second best treatment is to put on a 22K gold chain.
  • Since most western nations only sell jewellery valued at up to 18K unless you visit an Asian or Indian jewellery store, it needs to be at least 22K or higher.
FeedThickened milk with rice or rice kheer
DonateRed cloth
VrathamBrihaspathivar Vratham
Vedic SookthamBrahmanaspathi Sooktham

Pushya Nakshatra’s caste

  • Why Pushya, whose deity is Guru/Brihaspati, belongs to the merchant caste is an intriguing question. The caste itself reflects several facets of a particular planet, just as Jupiter, the guru, is the karaka of many houses.
  • Jupiter is not only a guru in a gurukul who teaches about God-realization, Yoga, and Upanishads; he is also an expert in economics, war strategy, ecology, and environmental issues.
  • This merchant caste represents a guru who understands how to operate and interact in a market.

The Pushya Nakshatra’s quality

  • Pushya is a Kshipra (fast) Nakshatra, so anything requiring a quick response, quick healing, or quick results should be done while the Moon is in this Nakshatra.
  • On this Nakshatra, avoid performing tasks that call for quick results, such as administering medication, starting a competitive race, business, or bet, or requiring quick responses via email or text.
  • The most auspicious Nakshatra of them all is Pushya, and whatever done on this day would be fruitful.
  • The only thing to avoid is getting married on this day because it will lead to serious problems in the marriage because the spouse will be more concerned with their career and teaching than with their family.

Pushya Nakshatra’s sound

  • The sound of the nakshatra, Hu- pada 1, Hey- pada 2, Ho- pada 3, and Daa- pada 4, is very significant.
  • Everything we do, say, buy, wear, and drive carries a brand label. A person must check their horoscope after knowing their exact time of birth to see where the Pushya Nakshatra, or Cancer sign, is located.
  • If someone has a Pisces ascendant, their fifth house is Cancer; choosing products or names that begin with similar sounds is advantageous for happiness, having children, and enjoying luxuries.

Pushya Nakshatra in Vedic Astrology Synopsis

Dasha RulerSaturn
DeityJiva (another name for Jupiter)
RulershipBarley, wheat, rice, sugarcane, forests, ministers, kings, fisherman and the like, virtuous men, and those that are engaged in big and small sacrifices.
Work profileAdministrator, armed forces
Moon in PushyaThe native is a lover of show, fine clothes and ornaments. He has an attractive personality, is handsome and lovely, clever, skilful and intelligent.
NatureLaghu (Light)
PurusharthaDharma or religion

Question and Answer Sheets

What Makes Pushya Nakshatra Unique?

Pushya is a Kshipra (rapid) Nakshatra, hence anything requiring a quick response, quick healing, or quick results should be done while the Moon is in this Nakshatra.

What Rashi does Pushya Nakshatra belong to?


Who is Pushya Nakshatra’s Lord?


Who is Pushya Nakshatra’s Deity?


What does Pushya Nakshatra’s Symbol represent?

udder of a cow

What is Pushya Nakshatra’s Gana?

Deva (Divine) (Divine)

What Qualities Does Pushya Nakshatra Possess?

Kshipra (Swift) (Swift)

What Caste Does Pushya Nakshatra Belong To?

Vaishya (Merchant) (Merchant)

What is the Pushya Nakshatra’s animal?


What is the Pushya Nakshatra Bird?


What is the Pushya Nakshatra Tree?


What are the Pushya Nakshatra’s initials?

Hey, Ho, Daa, Hu